Bobby Kotick receives minimum wage as Activision Blizzard tackles toxic workplace issues

Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, has announced a significant reduction as the company is attempting the next major change. Their ongoing sexual harassment proceedings.

so Open letter to investors released today, Cotic outlined five key steps the company is taking to improve its corporate culture. This includes launching a zero-tolerance harassment policy for the entire new company. The publisher also promises to increase the number of female and non-binary employees by 50%.

The letter also said that the company has invested $ 250 million to “accelerate diverse talent opportunities” and “an initiative to promote expanded opportunities for games and technology for undervalued communities.” Claims to invest another $ 250 million in the next 10 years.

Other pledges include waiver of arbitration requiring sexual harassment and discrimination claims, and continued improvement in visibility of equal pay for equal work. The final promise states that the company will provide regular progress updates for all these changes and details will be announced in the future.

Meanwhile, Cotic said: “I want to make sure that all the resources available are being used to become an industry leader in excellence in the workplace. Therefore, I tell the board that we are transformative and gender-related. I requested that my total compensation be reduced until the Board of Directors determined that it had achieved its goals and other commitments above. “

“Specifically, we asked the Board to reduce wages to the minimum amount that California law could earn, which is $ 62,500 this year,” he said clearly. “This is a reduction in my overall reward, not just my salary. During this time, I ask you not to receive bonuses or give equity.”

NS A previous statement from Cotic returning in August was strongly criticized by the ABK Workers Alliance.In response to the complaint, a union of former and current employees of Activision Blizzard was formed.

Bobby Kotick to take a minimum salary as Activision Blizzard tackle toxic workplace issues

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