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Bobby Lashley has never been a WWE Champion.

He has run several times in the ECW World Championships during his first mission at the company and several InterContinental and US champions, but has never won a top title in a promotion. He is well aware that he lacks the time to make it happen.

So He told SI:

“World title, it’s been my priority since I returned. It hasn’t changed. When I returned to WWE, I came in and paid homage to those who were here. Since then, I’ve focused on taking steps to show that I’m a man.

“This is my year. I have a different level of confidence. I don’t think anyone at my age is working harder than I am. My finish line is just around the corner. I am I haven’t been here for 10 or 15 years like Ricochet or Cedric. I’m running towards the finish line and I’m hitting it hard. This year is my year. “

For now, current WWE champion Drew McIntyre is working on an elimination chamber match against five challengers for his title, while current US champion Lashley No one is here. Bobby defends the title in the same pay-per-view with a triple threat to Keith Lee and Matt Riddle.

Even after it all shook, McIntyre still has a feud

Resolve Sheamus (assuming WWE is not pivoting away from it).But he has no clear enemy Wrestlemania 37, Especially if the report is true and Edge chooses to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal title. Has Lashley finally achieved his dream at this year’s biggest show?

Even if he doesn’t, there is plenty of time left in 2021. See if this year is really his year.


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Bobby Lashley lacks time to win the WWE Championship Bobby Lashley lacks time to win the WWE Championship

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