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Vince McMahon is a man of many plans and actions. The entire WWE product we know is planned by Vince McMahon at every stage and has been that way for many years. Of course, whether we agree with Vince is neither here nor there, as men are a wealthy definition. Vince seems to have returned to hitting his fist.

Recently, in the latest episode of the Nitti Gritti Dirt Show, Billi Bati sat down with co-host Jeff Lane this week, and Jeff replaced Vince Russo. The two talked about the vast landscape of everything in wrestling. In this article, we’ll focus on Billy, who hints that Vince “fills” Rashley.

Billi Bati begins as follows: Both of those matches were played in the fast lane. For Drew McIntyre, Sheamus was supposed to be spinning his heels in the elimination chamber-Miz cashed in. After that, Mizu lost to Sheamus, and then Sheamus lost Drew’s belt.

Bati continues. “The exact same story of one man being taken out and another being put in. In essence, everything is happening.”

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Bobby Lashley “Lossed Title” Makes WWE Big Name Bobby Lashley “Lossed Title” Makes WWE Big Name

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