Bobby Lee’s net worth in 2020

What is Bobby Lee’s net worth?

Net worth: $ 1,000,000
age: 48
birth: September 17, 1972
Country of origin: United States of America
Source of wealth: Professional actor
Last updated: 2020


Bobby Lee is an American actor, podcaster, and comedian best known as a member of “MADtv,” which aired from 2001 to 2009. He started working in a comedy story and decided to play in one of the amateur nights. Since then, he has made a name for himself in the comedy industry.

Lee is also known for his role in the films Harold & Kumar Go to the White Castle, The Dictator, and Pineapple Express. He co-starred in the series “Splitting Up Together” with Oliver Hudson and Jenna Fischer between 2018 and 2019.

As of 2020, Bobby Lee’s net worth is about $ 1 million.

early life

Robert Young Lee Jr. was born on September 17, 1972 in San Diego County. He was part of a breakdance team when he went to high school. At the age of 18, I left my parents’ house and got various jobs at coffee shops and restaurants.

His parents owned various clothing stores in California. Lee’s younger brother is a musician and host of a podcast titled “The Steebee Weebee”. His brother made a guest appearance on MADtv.


Bobby Lee’s comedian career began when he decided to try a stand-up comedy at a comedian store in San Diego. Within a year, he received an offer to open for comedians Pauly Shore and Carlos Mencia. He continued to work regularly at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

He revealed in many interviews that his parents wanted him to continue his family business rather than pursue his dream of becoming a successful comedian.

Lee joined the cast of MADtv in 2001, which made him the first and only Asian cast member of the show. He stayed in the cast until the series was canceled in 2009. He returned to MADtv in 2016.

In 2013, we hosted the 9th MusiCaresMAP Foundation Charity Concert. As of this year, he started co-sponsoring the “Bad Friends” podcast with Andrew Santino.

As of 2020, Bobby Lee’s net worth is $ 1 million.


Here are some of the best highlights of Bobby Lee’s career:

  • Pineapple Express (Movie, 2008)
  • Paul (Movie, 2011)
  • Dictator (Movie, 2012)

Favorite quote from Bobby Lee

“In general, two things to me are what life is. And they are not interesting. Living at that moment is one. And the second is to get out of yourself and others. Because all my suffering comes from thinking for myself. “ – Bobby Lee

“I think I’m handsome-in certain parts of the world. If I lived in mountains and villages like Mongolia, I could be the hottest guy. In LA, I Is … average? ” – Bobby Lee

“People think I’m crazy to see me standing up, but I’m not generally. I’m very sad. I light a candle and listen to Rachmaninoff. One of the people who leans. ” – Bobby Lee

“In general, I’m myself and the type of crazy John Belushi. But I don’t compare myself to him. I think I’m against stereotypes. General Asians are quieter – they study and have good work ethics. In general, I don’t have any of them. ” – Bobby Lee

“Many people with drinking and use illnesses can catch up with the negative side of it. I’m fine with that. I’m very sensitive. When things get out of control , I can just feel, and I go,’Oh, you have to deal with this, because you can die. “I’ve always done that. .. ” – Bobby Lee

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One life lesson from Bobby Lee

Now you have a complete understanding of Bobby Lee’s net worth and how he was successful. Let’s take a look at one lesson that can be learned from him.

1. Help others

Two things that are important to Bobby Lee are to live the moment and to free yourself and help others.


Bobby Lee is a well-known comedian and actor best known as a cast member of MADtv.

He is also known for his weekly podcast titled “Tiger Belly,” which currently boasts over 472,000 subscribers and 87 million views on YouTube.

As of 2020, Bobby Lee’s net worth is about $ 1 million.

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