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The 61st edition of Copa Libertadores has come to a conclusion rich in potential stories. Ten nations across South America have sent representatives to action-and all summarized in an incident between the two giants of Buenos Aires and the two great powers of the state of São Paulo, defining the location of the final on two legs. The next two weeks of the semi-finals.

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There may be another spectacular final between old Argentine rivals River plate And Boca Juniors??Or a clash between Brazilians Santos And Palmeiras At the Maracana Stadium in Rio on January 30th? Can Boca first get over Santos (Pele’s old club) and take revenge for losing to the River Plate in the 2018 Championship? In honor of Diego Maradona??

River Plate-Palmeiras, the strongest semi

First, Tuesday night, the best two-team clash in the tournament so far. The River Plate against Palmeiras would have played a valuable final. Instead, we’re helping teams that have scored an average of about three goals in the last four games, initially in Argentina and next week in Brazil. In almost seven years of reign (the amazing longevity of football in South America today), river coach Marcelo Gallardo has become accustomed to being there at the end of the tournament business.

The 2015 and 2018 winners were slightly below last year’s finalists. This is River’s fourth consecutive semi-final and the fifth in six years. Gallardo lets them play vast and engaging football, which is an important part of the club’s identity. He has some tactical systems on his sleeves, but no matter how they are lined up, the river seems to fizz the ball and use the full width of the pitch.

Los Millionarios There are plenty of attack options. Matias Suarez is doing well on the side as Colombian striker Rafael Santos Bohr is a specialist in helping his opponent defend. Another Colombian, Jorge Karaskar, is talented and young striker Julian Alvarez looks like a real thoroughbred.Then there’s a combination of right and left feet that attacks midfielders Nico de la Cruz and Nacho Fernandez to set up play, and then attacks the right back. Gonzalo Montiel, Often acted on by a long cross-field path. The question is on the other end. At the end of 2019, the river seemed to be bagging the final against Brazil’s flamengo, but only the defense collapsed in the last five minutes.

Palmeiras will come to them at a more aggressive pace and skill than they faced in previous knockout rounds. The Brazilian, coached by Portuguese Abel Ferreira, can counterattack at the speed of Winger Ronnie and young revelation Gabriel Veron, if any. Center forward Luiz Adriano recovers from the injury and either returns to the goal or shoots behind the defensive line. On the left, Gustavo Scarpa has the option of using the space behind Montiel to drift infield and aim for the goal.And successfully marshalled by Paraguay Gustavo Gomez, Palmeiras will seem to have tighter defenses.

They achieved their goal-29 in the game. However, while River allowed 9, Palmeiras only allowed four. Both sides have 100% home records and it would be very interesting to see how much the river pushes to get the most out of home advantage. However, because the stadium has been overhauled, we are using the Independent grounds. If necessary, Gardo’s men will believe in their ability to win in São Paulo next week. There may be a temptation to take a more cautious approach and reduce the risk of Palmeiras scoring goals in counterattacks. There is one thing we can guarantee. Gallardo makes a special plan on that occasion.

Boca Santos, Maradona Pele Club Showcase

Curiously, Boca Juniors supporters will find that Gallardo expects the answer and the River to be at the top at least half. They want to win the first title since 2007. But the dream isn’t perfect unless the winning lap takes place around the defeated river team. Unless this happens, December 9, 2018, when River defeats Boca in the controversial finals in Madrid, will continue to be the date thrown at them.

Boca’s hopes are fixed to Carlos Tevez, as well as his personal relationship with Maradona. A year ago, Tevez all seemed to have been washed away. But Miguel Angel Russo, who led the club to its title in 2007, is back and made all the difference. He knows that Tevez is the kind of player who needs to feel important. So Luso launched an attack around him, and Tevez responded well. The team works best when he can work behind Ramon Avila in the center forward, perhaps the first leg on Wednesday, push the defense deeper and open up space for him.

Boca is strong on the side.The turmoil on the left can be caused by a Colombian duo rampaging in full back Frank Fabra And a surprisingly strong right-footed winger, Sebastian Villa.On the other side, the threat comes from the subtle skills of Eduardo Salvio, Good at the timing of hitting the box.They are trying to hold things tight in the middle of the news that the midfielder could be injured Holman Campzano Is a concern, and a defense with only three goals is the best in the competition. Santos should certainly strive to test its defenses in Buenos Aires on Wednesday night.

In 2018, in a previous spell, Sika took Santos to Argentina and played against Independiente in a powerful front three on paper. His side was unable to collect single shots on or off-target goals. Bolder ones would be better this time-especially because courage was an important factor on reaching the last four. The other three teams have become regular semi-finalists. This is the first time Santos has ever obtained it since 2012, and this time no one expected it. The club has experienced coaching changes, a crisis of injury, an outbreak of the coronavirus-and they are broken. The president was impeached and the club was banned from signing new by FIFA. It forced them to go with young people-and in this century, this was a club specialty.

Santos is a port city about 60 miles down a hill from the metropolis of São Paulo. The city’s population is well below 500,000. This makes the club one of the most amazing stories in football history. During Pele’s day, they were considered the best team in the world and claimed to have won Libertadores twice in 1962 and 1963.After that, they inevitably retreated, but in 2011 Neymar..

But the continuous wave of youth OPeixe Return to the map. Cuca arranges the team in two wings. Marinho on the right is interrupting to launch a missile on his left foot. The little Venezuelan Yeferson Soteldo usually plays on the right side and dribbles to the defender. In between is Kaio Jorge. Roberto Firmino About him. Eighteen-year-olds can play in the penalty area, but they can also drop back and mark, allowing the wings to stay high and slip through clever passes.

The midfield trio, with the sudden appearance of another teenager, Sandley, likes to put pressure on her aggressively. Lucas Veríssimo is safe to do if you know that it is one of the best centerbacks in South America.But he will never be in Brazil as long as the Portuguese power Benfica I’m working on a deal for him. Bellissimo must be guided to the field in the quarterfinals and there is no guarantee that he will be around on both feet of the semifinals.

This is another obstacle on the road to Santos. They have overcome everything else so far. Can they do it again and act little by little to prevent the Boca River finals? Argentina beat Brazil by a staggering 7 to 1 in a knockout match at the current continental tournament. The Argentine club eliminated three Brazilians in Libertadores and four in Sudamericana, Brazil’s only successful. But now the real match is about to begin.

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Boca, River Plate, Santos and Palmeiras offer a rich story Boca, River Plate, Santos and Palmeiras offer a rich story

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