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NS Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-1) is the sixth win of the season, following the Bears win at home last week. NS New Orleans Saints It’s a 4-2 record song, riding on the arms of former Bucks quarterback Jameis Winston and behind Alvin Kamara’s feet. Both teams will be squared in the Superdome on Sunday afternoon, but will first offer bold predictions and scores as Bucks favors 5.5 points over NFC South rivals. Draft Kings Sports Book..

Bold forecast for week 8

James: Alvin Kamara is a New Orleans crime. As he goes, the saints go. So Buccane’s defense (especially Devin White) locks him, concentrates on shutting him down, and forces James to win the game. So my bold prediction is that Kamala will be less than 90 yards in total and have zero touchdowns.

David: Jameis Winston threw three passcuts in six games with few pass attempts, but it’s really working for Saints. But this week is different, and the early scoring of the Buccaneers attack forces the saints to rely more on Winston’s arm, resulting in three interceptions to defend the visiting team. ..

Bailey: Here we go in the opposite direction of David. I think Winston cleared the game without interception. And to go one step further, I think Tom Brady will throw it. But Buccane is still winning.

Microphone: Rob Gronkowski is ready to return after four games missed and should resume from where he left off if he feels good. With Antonio Brown likely to play again and Mike Evans likely to partner with enemy Marshon Lattimore, I think Gronck will be off in 75 yards and two daddies.

Editor’s Recommendations by Gil Arcia: This is a difficult game for me in three words: BUCS SECONDARY. Saints head coach Sean Payton knows how to call a good offensive game against Tampa Bay and can’t deny it. Bucks, on the other hand, is at its best when pressure is applied to his opponent’s quarterback and is well aware of what happens when Winston is constantly under pressure. However, Peyton seems to have unlocked some of Winston’s potential this season.

I’m doing a little math here. It takes into account the reality of the smashed Buccaneers secondary, the possibility of Todd Bowles playing the defense “safely” due to injury. Winston is ready to beat the previous team, so he’s running with Bailey this week.Meaning of the former Florida The product plays unmistakable football on Halloween.


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    Kamala was kept to less than 90 yards in total.

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    Winston throws three INTs.

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    Brady throws 1INT, Winston throws 0INT

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    Gronck goes 75 yards, 2 taddies.

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As mentioned above, Tampa Bay is currently favored with 5.5 points Draft Kings Sports Book.. The game over / under is set to 50. That said, the following are recommendations from the game staff between Bucks and Saints this week.

Gil (7-0): Bucs, 29-24

James (6-1): Bucs, 31-20

David (6-1): Bucs, 31-21

Bailey (7-0): Bacchus, 27-17

Mike (7-0): Bacchus, 24-21

Ren (7-0): Bucs, 30-16

Tray (7-0): Bucs, 40-14

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Bold Predictions for Week 8 of the NFL: Saint Buccane Bold Predictions for Week 8 of the NFL: Saint Buccane

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