Bomb Bots Arena Limited SteelSeries Game Pack Present

What’s wrong? There’s another notable giveaway from the SteelSeries at Bomb Bots Arena. Read about their offer.

Join the Bomb Bots Arena with this exclusive SteelSeries pack!

This exclusive SteelSeries pack unlocks:

  • C. Bolt (Head Banger Variant) Head
  • C.Volt (SteelSeries Variant) body
  • SteelSeries hat

A word about Bomb Bots Arena

Bomb Bots Arena is a bold online multiplayer blower (BOMB) that lets you play against frenemy and online players around the world.

Players can customize their own bomb bots and send them into battle to level up and unlock new abilities. Hit your enemies to stun them, protect yourself from deadly explosions, or chase your rivals with remote-controlled bombs to decide on your favorite combination of abilities.

You can play alone, invite your friends to play in custom match mode, or create your own rules. The game is regularly updated with new modes, rulesets, seasons, customizations and more to keep your players invested. Communication with the community is important and the team prioritizes keeping the game interesting and ultimately a clear game of this genre.

Last note

Log in with your SteelSeries account and follow the on-screen instructions to get your key for free.

Still here? Click the button below to get started. It’s never been easier! Also, don’t forget to visit the Gifts and Free Steam Keys page for all active gifts and contests.

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