BOMJMAN is an epic based on the manga of the same name. This game immerses you in the harsh post-cyber megalopolis atmosphere, where the streets have been swept away by an incredibly huge wave of injustice that has paralyzed all peace enforcement agencies. The protagonist is an ordinary person who has suffered a lethal dose of unemployment and became a hoboman because of a tragic bout of a lazy person! Since then, he has saved the day of the battle between crime and evil, selflessly, insensitively, and unfairly using his psychic powers. Of course, unless he is lazy. But once, our hero faced a threat he wasn’t prepared for. A secretive and well-organized organization has sneaked into the city. When trying to confront them, Hoboman can’t even imagine what kind of problem he knelt on. You have become a Hobo Sapien and are trying to sort out the turmoil in this human sin breeding ground. Use a wide range of melee weapons to remove impunity from corrupt officials. Don’t be afraid to tear through the thug mob and fight the bosses of the city’s most ruthless faction. Stun them with your supernatural stench and smash their skulls with your fossilized socks. The Most Important Thief-Don’t let the murderous complexity our heroes step on with their unwashed feet …

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