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In the latest episode of the hit WWE original program, former WCW five-time champion Booker T talked about the feud between Goldberg and Drew McIntyre and why Goldberg needs to retire for old age. has posted Booker’s comments below.

Booker T: Goldberg pushed it to a man, everyone loves nostalgia, but it’s a young man’s game. Drew McIntyre? He is my man Drew is the guy I’ve pushed before and said to be the champion of this business.

Even before he became the champion, I said he was going to climb the ladder. You know, I always pulled him sideways and said to him, “Hey, do this here, maybe change it, you’re on the right track.”

Booker continued:

Booker T: Go back and look at the first photo when Drew McIntyre came in. I would appreciate it if you could compare what he was doing when he first entered and what he is doing now and raise it. Oh, he was a kid when he came in, but now he’s a grown-up man, totally different. Goldberg may be barking at the wrong tree.

I’m not going to go with an old man, I never go with an old man. Once you’ve exceeded a certain number, it’s a good idea to rethink things. Let’s see what happens, but if we have money, we’ll spend money on Drew McIntyre.

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Booker T reveals why Goldberg needs to retire Booker T reveals why Goldberg needs to retire

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