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Conrad Cummings [17(7)-4(1)-1] He believes he is trying to write the best chapter in his renowned career.

“Dynamite” decided that the defeat in 2019 would not have a sad ending in the story of his fight confirmed that he would fight.

Tyrone’s fighter recently revealed that he has teamed up with a manager and promoter Keeran Farrell And since confirming the date of the first battle since November 2019.

This 30-year-old player will exchange leather for an unidentified opponent on the MHD XI card in Europe on November 13.

Despite the real interest surrounding his return and its fight, Cummings is confident that he will join the match without pressure and as a result, the best of his career awaits.

“I’m back and noisy.

“I didn’t want 2019 to define my career in bad years inside and outside the ring,” he explains to

“I feel great now. I have no pressure or expectations. I believe this will be the best chapter of my career.”

It’s not a complete comeback, as Cumming has never officially hung up, but there was a question as to whether he would fight again after losing to Luke Keeler and Danny Dignam.

During his period when Coal Island’s favorites were revealed after his second defeat to Keeler, he ran into a period of depression, which affected him to attend Danny Dinam’s conference. rice field.

They were a dark era when he had to work hard to get through, and now he’s on the other side where he’s eager for a ringwalk again.

“I’ve worked hard in multiple ways in a closed room to make this happen. I can’t wait to walk the ring again. I’m back,” he added, adding that the pandemic is an obstacle. I added it before revealing that it was a blessing for him.

“I’ve never retired technically, but to be honest, at some point it definitely looked like that. I took the time to clean my head and put together the shit in my personal life. The pandemic was beneficial to me because it put the world on hold and gave me time to reassess everything. “

Mr Cummings said he would be happy and come back with his priorities right.

“I have a daughter now. My priorities are in line. I am healthy and excited to have another opportunity in my career. In fact, I am grateful.”

Former WBO Middleweight European Ranking Titleholder has previously worked with Cyclone and MTK and is now teaming with former fighter Farrell. He didn’t elaborate on how former John Breen trained Farrell’s plans. We have more content just to focus on enjoying next month’s game, but we’re excited to link up.

“Kielan contacted me in March with an interest in signing me. I wasn’t ready to come at that time, and he sent me a message again about 6-8 weeks ago. Sent, he said he was flying, we met and had a long chat. I’m noisy about signing him, he’s doing enthusiastic and good things for his fighter increase,

“For now, we’re back on the road to victory and running one battle at a time.”

Cummings will fight unidentified opponents at the Mark Dunlop Europa Show, which hosts the battles of Colm Murphy, Matthew Fitzsimon, Tony Nerins, Nick Campbell and Connor Cook. He is excited to experience the fight again.

“November 13th is an exciting night for me and I get another chance when it looks like I’m not coming back. Lively!
Conrad Cummings is back! “

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“Boom” Conrad Cummings talks about ring returns “Boom” Conrad Cummings talks about ring returns

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