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Borderlands: KCS Announces New Cross-Border Rail Services Logistics Facility

Borderlands Is a weekly summary of developments in the world of cross-border trucking and trade between the United States and Mexico. This week: KCS unveiled a new cross-border rail service logistics facility. New York Air Brake opens factory in Mexico. Skydropx will expand throughout Latin America with $ 20 million in Series A funding. CBP will then seize $ 48 million in methamphetamine from the tractor trailer.

KCS Announces New Cross-Border Rail Services Logistics Facility in Queretaro

Kansas City Southern (KCS) announced that it is developing a vehicle distribution center in Mexico aimed at speeding up multimodal cross-border delivery of finished vehicles throughout North America.

Central Bajio Vehicle Distribution Center (VDC) is located in the central Bajio region, about 25 miles east of Queretaro, with the highest concentration of automakers and parts suppliers in the country.

“The development of Central Bajio VDC adds speed, capacity and market,” said Rodrigo Flores, Vice President of Automotive and Intermodal at KCS. “One goal is to speed up the turnaround of multi-level rail vehicles to and from the United States and Mexico and improve rail vehicle availability in the region.”

Dropping rail cars at Central Bajio VDC will increase capacity and reduce congestion in the Bajio region, Flores said.

The Central Bajio Vehicle Distribution Center is located near the city of Queretaro in the Central Bajio region, where automakers and parts suppliers are most concentrated in Mexico.

The Central Bajío VDC is located on 125 acres and up to 57 acres are available on the finished vehicle. The facility will initially include a capacity of 1,000 vehicle bays and a capacity of 36 vehicles.

The VDC could ultimately include up to 6,500 vehicle bays, a capacity of 134 vehicles, 60 unloading positions, and storage of up to 10,000 vehicles. It also includes unit train services and direct access to trucks between Mexico City, Guadalajara and the Bajio region.

“VDCs will also improve access to and from Mexico’s most important markets,” Flores added. “This is a great destination for imported cars to move inland ports to Mexico.”

KCS is developing the Central Bajío VDC in partnership with the Suministros Industriales Potosinos SA de CV (SIPSA) and TransDevelopment Group (TDG). Developed, owned and operated by SIPSA and TDG.

Xavier Zerméño, Managing Director of SIPSA, said: “The existing facility at Common Fort processes inbound parts from the assembly plant via cross docks and general freight trucks. The terminal has the capacity to include finished vehicles at the heart of Mexico’s automotive production. It’s a natural place to enhance. “

New York Air Brake Opens Factory in Mexico

New York Air Brake Corporation, a manufacturer of air brakes and train control systems for the global rail industry, has announced that it will begin a new manufacturing operation in Acuña, Mexico.

This facility is part of a North American manufacturing restructuring strategy. As part of the restructuring, the company has fired 125 out of 400 workers at its Watertown, NY plant and moved production to three other locations in the United States.

The Acuña plant will be in production by the end of the year and will employ up to 350 people. Acuña is located on the US-Mexico border, across the Rio Grande River from Del Rio, Texas.

Skydropx expands across Latin America with $ 20 million in Series A funding

Based in Mexico City SkydropxLogistics management platform, announced that it has raised $ 20 million in a Series A round of investment.

With this funding, Skydropx can be expanded to other Latin American countries where e-commerce is growing, such as Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru.

The Series A round was led by Base10 Partners, Cometa, and 645 Ventures. The company has raised $ 27 million since it was founded in 2014 by Tavo Zambrano, Armando Solbes, Óscar Victorín and Daniel Alvarado.

Skydropx manages and regulates shipments of e-commerce digital stores through its logistics management system. According to the company, it currently has more than 30,000 customers.

CBP seizes $ 48 million in methamphetamine from tractor trailers

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials in Brownsville, Texas intercepted large amounts of methamphetamine hidden in commercial trucks.

The incident occurred on October 22, when CBP personnel at the Veterans Memorial Bridge stopped a truck driving a Mexican citizen who had applied for entry into the United States.

CBP officials have found 62 buckets hidden inside the vehicle. This bucket contained a total of 2,445 pounds of methamphetamine. The estimated value of the alleged drug is $ 48.8 million.

Police seized drugs and vehicles and arrested the driver. The case was handed over to the Department of Homeland Security.

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Borderlands: KCS Announces New Cross-Border Rail Services Logistics Facility Borderlands: KCS Announces New Cross-Border Rail Services Logistics Facility

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