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Franklin: Bostic should resign
Opposition Senator Caswell Franklin, (File)

Opposition Senator Caswell Franklin suggested that Health Minister Jeffrey Bostic should resign from a failed attempt due to private sector concerns about procuring a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine for Barbados. ..

Franklin said in a debate on Wednesday’s anti-corruption bill 2021 that the deal was described as a “$ 24 million red herring” and was otherwise referred to as a “vaccine gate.”

He was critical of the way attempts were made to obtain the vaccine and told the Senate: .. .. Signature of the Vice-Minister for the purpose of carrying out the duties of Chief Medical Officer – The Chief Medical Officer is responsible for ordering these vaccines and sending them to the Government Procurement Department. Next is the Chief Supply Officer. .. .. Here you will do what you need to get things done. “

Franklin also said he had seen reports reportedly saying that the Minister of Health said he did not know about the entire arrangement.

“It hurts me to say he should resign,” said a frank opposition senator.

However, he supported the bill, stating that it was timely and necessary, and praised her presentation when Tourism Minister Senator Lisa Cummins led the debate. (GC)

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Bostic should resign – NationNews Barbados — Bostic should resign – NationNews Barbados —

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