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Boston Red Sox will no longer be published — there are sports franchises you can invest in here

Publicly traded sports franchises are rare, but the concept is not entirely new. Some sports franchises are some of the larger companies that are listed in some way or listed on the stock exchange.

In recent months, Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC owner John Henry have tried to make these teams part of their public holdings, but negotiations have collapsed. Report..

The· $ 8 billion The deal was a combination of Red Sox and Fenway Sports Group LLC, which owns the British football club Liverpool FC, and Red Ball Acquisition Corporation.
A special acquisition company (SPAC) specializing in the sports business.

RedBall SPAC was founded by former Auckland A general manager and “moneyball” legend Billy Beane and Jerry Carr Dinale, CEO of private-equity fund Red Bird Capital. SPAC, which is essentially a blank check company, raises funds and makes acquisitions through an initial public offering (IPO).

Below is a list of professional sports teams you can invest in.

Manchester United FC

Manchester United
Britain’s most decorated football club, with 20 Premier League titles and has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 2012.

The stock opened at $ 14 per share and has seen little growth since then, trading above $ 15.78 per share as of Friday.

Like other publicly traded companies, Manchester United needs to disclose revenue and revenue related to things like TV contracts and ticket sales.

Manchester United shares have a market capitalization of $ 2.6 billion, but if sold on the open market, they may have a higher market capitalization. Forbes estimates the team at $ 3.81 billion as of 2020.

New York Knicks, New York Rangers

Madison Square Garden Sports Corporation.
+ 0.55%

Includes several sports holdings by principal owner Jim Doran. These include the NBA’s New York Knicks and its G-League affiliate Westchester Knicks, the NHL’s New York Rangers and its AHL-affiliated Hartford Wolfpack, and MSG’s esports business.

Because both the Knicks and Rangers were part of a larger holding from Cable Vision and subsequent Madison Square Garden Entertainment.
+ 1.11%

Over the years, it has been impossible to obtain relevant data on how Knicks and Rangers performed over time.

Madison Square Garden Sports spun off from the entertainment business in April 2020 and established an independent listed company for MSG’s entertainment division, including Madison Square Garden Arena and Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Investing in Madison Square Garden Sports Corporation is not necessarily an investment in the Knicks or Rangers franchise, but an investment in all of the above teams. The company’s profits are related to TV contracts and ticket revenue.

Madison Square Garden Sports has a market capitalization of $ 4.34 billion. As of 2020, Forbes rates Knicks at $ 4.6 billion and Rangers at $ 1.65 billion.

Juventus FC

The most successful club in the Italian Serie A football league has been listed on the Bolsa Italiana Stock Exchange since 2001.


It is currently trading at € 0.838 per share, down more than 30% from its initial listing. Juventus shares have risen following the news that football star Cristiano Ronaldo has moved to the club in 2018, but most of these rises have been lost since then.

The market capitalization of the stock is $ 1.13, but it could be even higher if sold, like Manchester United.Juventus is owned by the Agnelli family, the Italian family of the dynasty that founded Fiat.
+ 0.30%

Motor company.

Forbes rated the team at $ 1.51 billion In 2019.

Atlanta Braves

MLB’s Atlanta Braves are owned by listed Liberty Media
+ 0.32%

Since 2007.

Liberty Media is a giant that has decided to spin off the Atlanta Braves from the rest of its business. Individual tracking stock of the 2015 team to raise capital..

The Braves are now part of a holding called the Liberty Braves Group
However, stocks are not the only track of baseball team finances. Real estate development around the Atlanta Braves Stadium, called Battery Atlanta, is also included in the holdings.

Tracking stock is typically issued by the parent company to monitor the performance of some parts of the business as a whole. Unlike ordinary shareholders, tracking stock owners usually have little or no voting rights at a general meeting of shareholders.

In 2020, Forbes valued the Atlanta Braves at $ 1.8 billion, quadrupling its value compared to 2010.

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are the only public franchise in the NFL, but the team is not publicly traded. The team is Green Bay Packers Inc, a listed non-profit corporation. Owned by 361,311 shareholders..

Although the team calls these “common stock,” the owner does not have the rights of a general common stock owner. Stocks do not pay dividends, Cannot be traded and is not protected by securities law.

Packers stocks can’t be valued either and have nothing to do with the team’s bottom line. Inventory is basically a souvenir of the team.

There have been five share issuances since 1923, the last of which was in 2011 to raise funds for the renovation of Lambeau Field, the stadium where the team plays.

Analysts call Packers shares “Stocks of no value in that they have no monetary value to the owner.. “

Forbes rated the Green Bay Packers at $ 3.05 billion In 2020.

Borussia Dortmund

German soccer club Borussia Dortmund
+ 1.30%

It is the only soccer team listed in Germany. Dortmund shares have been traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB) since 2000.

Borussia Dortmund stock It has fallen 36% in the last 12 months to a market capitalization of $ 571.84 million.

Forbes rated the team at $ 896 million In 2019.

Toronto Blue Jays

The Braves and the Toronto Blue Jays are the only major league baseball teams owned by the company.

The Blue Jays franchise itself is not listed, but the team is owned by the listed Rogers Communications.

Since 2000.

Rogers has so many businesses in the media and telecommunications that the baseball team is only one part of the company as a whole. Therefore, investors cannot invest directly in the Blue Jays, but only indirectly through Rogers Communications.

Rogers is so big that it’s difficult to assess the monetary value of the Blue Jays within a large corporation.

Forbes valued the Toronto Blue Jays at $ 1.63 billion in 2020.

Boston Red Sox will no longer be published — there are sports franchises you can invest in here Boston Red Sox will no longer be published — there are sports franchises you can invest in here

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