Both BioWare Studio Head and Dragon Age 4 Producer Resign

Casey Hudson seems to be leaving BioWare for the second time.Not just him Dragon Age 4 Executive Producer, Mark Dollar.

EA announced in a statement (Via ) Both BioWare numbers will leave the company.Ongoing Bioware projects like Anthem 2.0, Dragon Age 4 And Mass Effect: The Legendary Edition It will continue as planned in the restructuring of leadership.

Hudson originally left the studio for the first time in 2014 and then joined Microsoft in 2015. Return to Bioware in 2017 Arin Flynn resigned when he was the studio leader at the BioWare Blog Post, Mass effect The creative director of the series made a statement about his decision.

“I’m very fortunate to have a career where I worked with talented people, created the whole world out of my imagination, and enjoyed it by millions of people around the world,” Hudson said. I’m talking about it on my blog. Position.

“And now, after working for BioWare for nearly 20 years, I decided to retire from the studio and give way to the next generation of studio leaders.”

Hudson will be succeeded by Samantha Ryan, who recently directed the studio and will continue to direct it.About the position of the next open executive producer Dragon age In the game, Christian Daily is also responsible for rebooting, so it could be a multitasking leadership mission. National anthem..

For now, the studio will continue to work until its spring release Mass Effect: The Legendary Edition, Dragon age4th entry and anytime National anthemWill come back.


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