Both Microsoft and Sony “mourned” how pre-orders for next-generation consoles went, said the Xbox boss said. • .net

Neither Microsoft nor Sony were happy with the status of next-generation pre-orders this year, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

With the early morning rush, online queues, numerous retailer failures, and delivery theft, launching multiple next-generation consoles was a bit complicated.

In The Verge’s Decoder Podcast, Spencer lamented how frustrating it was for both him and PlayStation headphone cho Jim Ryan to simply spend money on the console. He said he suggested that something needs to be changed next time. ..

“I think this business is going on for both us and Sony-Jim Ryan. [at Sony], I have a lot of respect for him. Actually which when we still seem to have many upset customers due to how these pre-orders were made and the inability to get our products “I think it will drive us to think about new models. Book a slot. It does things more directly with the customer,” said Spencer, lamenting if he’s solving a problem like this. There is a possibility. [We] You can still get the retailer to fulfill your order, but to make it clearer when the console will be available. That’s what we’re working on. “

The two companies released inventory on their respective launch dates to boost retail excitement, rather than limiting console orders to pre-orders. However, Spencer seemed wondering if this practice should continue.

“We want people to feel like they have some consoles to buy. It’s not just the day everyone goes to get their consoles. [pre-ordered] console. I don’t know if that’s the right decision in today’s world, “continues Spencer. “It’s a very old world way of thinking. People will line up outside the store. It’s a way of thinking for the last decade. I think we should challenge it. It’s really through the consumers we’re talking about. Was it a supply chain or is it a reality? We also discussed this with our retail partners. “

This is an extensive interview and it’s worth listening to Spencer’s thoughts on console monopoly, cloud gaming, and Microsoft’s browser-based tactics to circumvent Apple’s game subscription service rules.

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Of note is a later question about starting Xbox game streaming on other devices. This is also related to the idea of ​​completely eliminating console queues.

When asked why Xbox doesn’t need a phone or PC for xCloud streaming, Spencer said Microsoft is planning a smart TV-based Xbox app that doesn’t require any more hardware. It was.

“I think we’ll see it in the next 12 months,” Spencer said of the Xbox app for smart TVs. “I don’t think we’ll ever stop it. I thought what you said about TV was right. What we called TV was just the back of the image. It was a cathode ray tube that just threw an image into. The glass I’m looking at. Now, as you said, the TV is actually a game packed behind a screen with an app platform and a Bluetooth stack and streaming capabilities. It’s like a console. Is it really a TV or is it? Is only the shape and functionality of the devices we had around the TV integrated into one big screen I’m looking at? ? “

Finally, it was refreshing to hear Spencer clearly talk about the kind of toxic debate between a particular console and corporate enthusiasts about console game tribalism.

“Especially in console space, there’s something like the core of the core, and I think I’ve taken it to a destructive level.” I want to make it fail so that what I buy succeeds. ” Spencer said. “I’m saying on both sides. Not everyone is crushing the Xbox, but everyone who loves the Xbox is always inviting them completely to all PlayStation stuff. Not. As I said before, I think it’s unpleasant, but maybe it’s too light. I really look down on it. I hope others fail to reach our goals. I don’t think you need to see it. It’s not a kind of “Kumbaya”. It’s really real. We are in entertainment Our biggest competitor is indifference to our products and services. [and] The game we build.

“I see that today. Today, most people are doing well in the industry with curfew and surges. That’s what the industry should focus on. We’re like a cross and it’s -Other things focused on playing and breaking down some of those metaphors. But there is a core that really hates other consumer products. Man, it’s very unpleasant to me Again, the word is probably too light. For me, it’s one of the worst things in our industry. “

Again, the full interview ends with The Verge and is worth reading or listening to.


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