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Bottas is entering the 2021 season and is about to finally defeat Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton in a drivers’ championship battle that has been defeated in the last four years.

During the short off-season since the end of the 2020 campaign in December, Bottas split the time between Finland and Monaco to allow training in both heat and cold.

Bottas said he felt well for the New Year following the announcement of Mercedes’ new W12 car for the 2021 season.

“I took a proper time vacation, and then I had another good PE block, and from that aspect of things, I feel very strong,” Bottas said. It was.

“It’s the same mentally, but it feels like life is balanced. I’m here, busy with the team, and preparing for the season. So far, everything is perfect.

“Of course, it wasn’t like a pure holiday. Trying to build your fitness and everything is also a daunting task. But I managed to do a lot to make me happy. It was.

“There was a lot of winter workouts, but there were also quite extreme workouts that tried to maintain the Finnish” Sith “posture and basically made you tough. It was good. “

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Bottas won the opening round of the 2020 season in Austria, but struggled to maintain his fight against Hamilton in the title race. Bottas had only two wins last year, compared to 11 wins for his teammates.

Bottas saw the title bid collapse in the middle of the season and consistently identified it as an important area to focus on for 2021.

He also explained how he has worked on his spiritual approach to ensure that he is in the best possible way of thinking as he enters each Grand Prix weekend.

“Most of my work and focus this season is the spiritual side of things,” Bottas said.

“I’m doing my best mentally at the Grand Prix, finding the right way to approach every Grand Prix weekend, and more often trying to find a” flow “state. “

But when asked by exactly what he was working on, and when he was working with a mind coach, Bottas replied:

“It’s my personal problem and I don’t want to share all the techniques.

“As I said before, this is what I’ve been more focused on in winter and will be more focused during the season. If you need help, get the help of an expert.

“If not, use a mirror.”

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Botta focused on mental improvement with “extreme” F1 training Botta focused on mental improvement with “extreme” F1 training

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