BOTW players celebrate the New Year with fireworks using Farosh scales

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Player recently uploaded a New Year celebration video featuring fireworks with Faroche scales.

To ring in 2022, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Players have uploaded a video introducing the in-game fireworks. This is a mechanic made possible thanks to the creative use of remote bombs and some Farosh scales. Breath of the Wild Players have discovered a variety of creative ways to enhance the game-an avid fan base, Zelda Installments that go beyond the trajectory of gameplay. In fact, even after 100% completion Breath of the Wild Still full The activity and purpose that the player explores.

One such additional feature is Fireworks to use Breath of the Wilds Dragon parts.. Breath of the Wild It features three dragons roaming different areas of the game map. The red dragon Dinlar is found in the Akkala region. The green dragon Farosh lives in the Fallon region. The Lanile region is home to the blue glaucus nydra. Last January, a player discovered that when he layered a dragon scale on top of a bomb, pushed it into the air with a gale of Revali, and later detonated the bomb, fireworks-like glows were scattered in the air. .. Now another player is using this mechanic to celebrate the New Year.

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Reddit user Im_Crep Recently, I uploaded a gorgeous video introducing the ringing dragon parts fireworks strategy in 2022. Breath of the Wild-style. Im_Crep first layered some Farosh scales on top of the bomb and then sailed into the sky with the gale of Revali. After that, their playable links slipped from the gust, detonated the bomb behind him, and the scales scattered in the air, shining like fireworks. The display is a good way to celebrate 2022, and the in-game celebration is perfect in today’s social distance measurements and safety measures.

Celebrating a holiday within the scope of a video game is a great way to enjoy and commemorate a special occasion in the COVID-19 pandemic. New Year’s Eve is no exception, and many gamers use video games such as: Animal Crossing: New Horizons also Mine Craft To commemorate the arrival of 2022. Animal Crossing Players celebrated the new year Their celebration was suddenly interrupted by a scorpion attack at the city hall on their island. The celebration may not have actually taken place, but at least the scorpion attack took place in-game.

Im_Crep’s Great Fireworks Festival Breath of the Wild It is a strong reminder of all the mechanics found and not yet discovered throughout the Nintendo title. Zelda Titles are often full of hidden gems, Fun glitches and more. As a result, fans of the series can explore every corner of the title to find a great approach to such a celebration.

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Source: Im_Crep / Reddit

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BOTW players celebrate the New Year with fireworks using Farosh scales

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