Bounty Hunter license is now available on Red Dead Online

The prestigious Bounty Hunter license is now available on Rockstar Games Red Dead Online.

For those who want to hunt down some targets, Red Dead Online’s Bounty Hunting role promises a lot of action. The prestigious Bounty Hunter license brings 10 new ranks of progress over 20 from the Bounty Hunter role rank. In addition, players can pursue high-level items and skills, new horse and weapon variations, and the infamous bounty target on the bounty board.

This license can be purchased from the Bounty Board by anyone with a Bounty Hunter license. Those who reach Bounty Hunter Rank 30 can continue to search for Bounty Hunter XP and redeem for Gold and RDO $. New entrants can remove the five gold bars from the license to begin the role of specialist. Veteran Bounty Hunters can get 40% off Bounty Hunter items (up to Rank 20). To rejuvenate players, all Red Dead Online bounty hunter missions will offer double XP this week, and players will pay RDO $ and XP for free roaming and bounty missions and free roaming events until December 7. Can be increased.

For those looking for new targets, Legendary Bounty Gene “Bo” Finley and his gangsters can now be tracked on Red Dead Online. Wearing a luxurious tailored suit, this dandy was last discovered in the devastated colonial lands of Bayunewa. However, be careful. His gang potentially contains prisoners of war.

In addition to the Bounty Hunter license, a new outlaw pass is also available on Red Dead Online. This pass includes new emotes, costumes, camp upgrades and more. The photos selected in last month’s Naturalist Challenge are now available as free camp flags, moon shine bar photos, and photo studio backgrounds.

Upgrade to the 40 Gold Bar Outlaw Pass to earn new benefits such as winter clothing, advanced photo enhancements, new school bags and skill brochures, special gifts, bonus cash, and 30 Gold Bar. All players who currently own Outro Pass No. 4 will earn RDO $ 400 this week, along with a 10 Gold Bar rebate within 72 hours of purchase.

Many improvements and additions will be reflected in Red Dead Online this week. These adjustments include the ability to combine stubble and beard styles and use advanced cameras while riding a horse. Bounty hunters between us also have access to a new gun spinning management option in the player menu. This allows you to select and exchange previously learned gun spinning tricks.

New players will earn twice as much XP as normal on all A Land of Opportunities missions, and all Red Dead Online players will be rewarded with 2,000 Club XP and 2,000 Bounty Hunter XP. Please note that people of rank 5 and above will get a treasure map, and people of rank 10 and above will get the free ability card upgrade of their choice.

Players will also be able to take advantage of the following discounts this week:

  • 30% off all stable slots
  • 30% off all repeaters
  • 30% off all pistols
  • 30% off Scofield Revolver
  • 30% off all horses
  • 30% Off All Saddles and Improved Saddles
  • 30% off all coats (not including legendary animal clothing)
  • 30% off all vests
  • 40% off all outfits including roll outfits

Finally, Red Dead Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to their Prime Gaming account will receive the benefits of a free bounty hunter license and the trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon Livery / players who connect before December 21st. Receive benefits with free Breton Horse and RDO $ 100.

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Bounty Hunter license is now available on Red Dead Online

The prestigious Bounty Hunter license is now available on Rockstar Games Red Dead Online

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