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Bourbon enthusiasts: Explore these secluded bars, distilleries, and restaurants on the backstreets of northern Kentucky.

If you snuggle up to the Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar (OKBB) bar, you won’t be given a standard bourbon list.

Rather, a huge whiskey wall and a very knowledgeable OKBB bartender who can talk about each of the 600 bottles, including mash bills, evidence, history and profiles, will warmly welcome you.

“OKBB is an experience,” says Aaron Lily, general manager of the bar, one of the 15 stops in T, in the heart of Covington, Kentucky.He is B line, A trail for bourbon lovers in northern Kentucky.

Bourbon is deeply rooted in the region, with traces of spirit (and even better) throughout northern Kentucky. Residents living on the “edge” of Bourbon Country have access to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail-like B-line, except that the collection of bars, distilleries and restaurants is in their backyard.

This is just one example of the bourbon scene in northern Kentucky.

Extensive exploration of bourbon bars and distilleries

Consisting of 6 bars, 5 distilleries and 4 restaurants, each spot on B-Line has its own personality and fills its own niche.

Distilleries on the line include New Riff Distilling, a state-of-the-art distillery with three-story copper pillars and an event center in Newport, Kentucky.

When you sign up for a tour of Boone County Distilling Co. in Independence, Kentucky, Bourbon is proudly declared “made by ghosts.”

Located in Sparta, Kentucky, the Neely Family Distillery is a family-owned distillery that produces moonshine, bourbon and whiskey. At the Old Pogue Distillery in Maysville, Kentucky, the Pogue family has been manufacturing bourbon for over 150 years.

The bar along The B-Line is also a genuine bourbon spot. Each has won a spotlight on the 2020 list of “Best Bourbon Bars in America” ​​curated by The Bourbon Review, said Dot Crane, content manager at meetNKY. B line.

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At OKBB, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the bar hosts Tiki Metal once a month on Monday, which may convince you that not only bluegrass but also heavy metal goes well with bourbon. The bartenders here take the artisan cocktail movement seriously, using homemade syrup and freshly squeezed citrus fruits for their bourbon forward cocktails.

In addition, bourbon beginners and enthusiasts can choose from a selection of over 400 bourbons, 100 ryes, 100 American whiskeys, and unaged American whiskeys, Lily says. The selection range is $ 3 to $ 500 or more per injection.

“We have good bourbon, we have really good bourbon,” says Lily. “Which is best depends on who is drinking them and what they like.”

Among the other bars on The B-Line are Newport’s Newberry Brothers Coffee Ban Bourbon Bar, a coffee shop during the day and a Bourbon Bar at night.

The Prohibition-era Speakeasy bar has the largest collection of bourbon and rye whiskey anywhere in the world, as well as Scotland, Ireland, Japanese whiskey..

Save Space for Restaurants in Northern Kentucky

B-Line also boasts several A-listed restaurants. These restaurants have a great bar program that creatively incorporates bourbon into their menu items.

For example, Purple Pourette in Dayton, Kentucky is a southern bourbon bistro with a menu inspired by Charleston and New Orleans, featuring fried chicken dinner, bourbon fried catfish, and fried devil eggs.

Covington’s Bouquet Restaurant is a high-end farm-to-table bistro offering seasonal menus and is known for its wide selection of bourbon.

Do not miss it: This cult Kentucky Bourbon costs $ 1,000 and less than 800 bottles are available.

Rich’s Proper Food and Drink’s cuisine is a casual blend of Southern fusion and seafood, including creative menu items such as fresh raw oysters and macaroni and cheese egg rolls. Bill Whitlow, co-owner of Covington’s restaurant, says the Kentucky Bluegrass Jambalaya, made with hot honey chicken sandwiches and ham, chicken and undeuil sausages, is pleasing to the masses.

The restaurant is also known for its cocktails, from classic old fashioned to monkey business bourbon cocktails made with banana foster syrup. “Our bartenders are passionate about bourbon and are given free reins to experiment with,” says Whitlow.

Ready to taste B-Line?

The beauty of B-Line is that there are no complicated maps or set itineraries to follow. Rather, the trail consists of 15 stunning Bourbon destinations, where you can explore the spirits along the way on your own timeline. If you have only a few days, here are some inspirational sample itineraries.

First day: From Covington to Maysville

Isn’t it local? Turn Hotel Covington, a luxurious and modern hotel, into a base camp in Bourbon.

To stop by for the first time, take a tour of the Old Pogue Distillery in Maysville. The bourbon tradition is carried on by 5th and 6th generation manufacturers who use original family recipes.

Then take a walk in downtown Maysville. Here, the breakwater murals tell the history of the area. To end the day, get a nightcap at The Exhibition Bourbon Bar at Newberry Bros. Coffee.

the 2nd day: From Burlington to Newport

Start your day with a brunch at the Tousey House Tavern in historic Burlington. Then go to the Distillery Tour Circuit, which starts at Boone County Distillery. Then head to Sparta’s Neely Family Distillery and end at Newport’s Newriff Distillery.

Walk to PartySource before leaving the New Riff parking lot. At this one-stop destination, in addition to in-store tastings from the wine station, you can enjoy top-notch hard-to-find liquor in the Spirits Library.

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In the late afternoon, enjoy downtime at Lewy’s Newport, home of Bridgeview Box Park, which is home to restaurants and retail outlets such as the Newport Aquarium, Cinema, and Second Site Spirits. Visit their pop-up box and sample a or two drinks.

Before dinner, sample Bourbon at Bourbon House 1841 or Wise Guy Lounge in Main Strasse Village. Craft cocktails can be enjoyed here. Covington’s Gloves have an impressive bourbon list and appetizers. Enjoy jambalaya and other Southern dishes at Rich’s Proper Food and Drink.

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Bourbon enthusiasts: Explore these secluded bars, distilleries, and restaurants on the backstreets of northern Kentucky. Bourbon enthusiasts: Explore these secluded bars, distilleries, and restaurants on the backstreets of northern Kentucky.

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