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Box Sign extends capabilities and developer tools for digitizing content cloud contracts

box Announcing new features, extensions, integrations, and developer tools for BoxSign, a native digital signature product.

These new features include workflow capabilities that automate the process when a document is executed, and APIs that enhance digital signatures for third-party and custom applications. Box also UiPath And SIGNiX. With these new features, Box Sign enhances a more sophisticated signature-based process, allowing customers to move more transactions to the cloud.

“Digital signature technology brings many benefits to organizations, including reducing transaction time and costs, improving security, improving employees, suppliers, partners, and customer experiences,” said Research Manager for Enterprise Content Strategy. Steve Charbonnier said. IDC.. “That said, digital signatures are just one component of a fully digital workflow, and are most useful when they are part of a broad portfolio of content sharing, collaboration, and workflow automation solutions. Box Sign We hope that the approach we have taken to integrate our content cloud platform is in the right position for organizations around the world looking to digitally transform end-to-end business-critical processes. “

Box Sign makes it easy for users of business and above plans to perform unlimited digital signatures when content already exists at no additional cost. Since its global rollout in November 2021, thousands of customers have enabled BoxSign within their organization. In addition, Box has been selected as a leading player in the IDC MarketScape Worldwide eSignature Software 2021 Vendor Assessment.

New box sign function

The future of work is digital-first, and paper-based processes prevent businesses from reaching their full potential. Customers are already using BoxSign to digitally execute employee, customer, and partner transactions, from employee onboarding documents to sales contracts, vendor contracts, and more. To extend the capabilities of Box Sign, Box has announced the following new features in its Box Sign web application:

  • Compatibility with box relays.. Customers using BoxRelay for secure workflow automation can trigger downstream workflows based on BoxSign’s document status. With this new integration, for example, HR teams will be able to assign tasks for recruiters to follow up on candidates if the signing status is complete or if the status is rejected. This new feature will be available in the first half of 2022.
  • Lock template fields.. Customers can lock template fields when creating signature templates, reducing the need for additional auditing requirements and preventing senders from modifying predefined contract templates. This new feature gives teams such as sales and finance precise control to standardize documents such as NDAs sent for signing. This new feature will be available in the first half of 2022.
  • Customized signature settings.. Administrators will now be able to manage digital signature disclosures in the admin console, giving them the flexibility to use either their own disclosures or Box-provided disclosures. It also allows end users to upload signature images and stamps that can be applied during signing. With these features, customers will be able to take advantage of more personalized signing options, which will be available later this month.
  • Improved access to Box Verified Enterprise.. With this extension currently available, Sign is compatible with Box Verified Enterprise (BVE). It is used by security-conscious customers to protect sensitive content by preventing non-corporate Box access within the organization. This allows BVE customers to address internal and external digital signature use cases without changing network settings.

Diego Dugatkin, Box’s Chief Product Officer, said: “Since we acquired SignRequest within a year and entered this space, we have already provided seamless native digital signatures to all our business and customers with the above plans at no additional cost. Today’s announcement is It is based on our commitment to extend BoxSign’s core capabilities by providing customers and partners with a richer feature set, new and advanced integrations, and a world-class developer experience. As we’re just beginning to grab the surface of what’s possible, customers can expect even more value from Box in the coming months. “

New developer tools

In BoxWorks 2021, Box has released a core set of Box Sign APIs to reduce time to production for custom and third-party application development. In just three months, developers have already built the Box Sign API, leveraging Box’s powerful and secure digital signature technology to create custom experiences that meet their unique business and customer needs. To provide a more seamless experience, Box has added the following new developer tools currently available:

  • SDK support for .NET, Node, Python, Box CLI, and iOS.. Box has SDK support Java To add a server and mobile SDK that includes .NET Python, node, When iOS.. Developers can use the Box Sign API in their language or environment of choice to incorporate a secure digital signature experience into their internal tools, custom integrations, and native mobile apps.
  • BoxSign API for document signer verification and password protection.. Box Sign has added API support for SMS-based two-factor authentication and password protection for documents sent for signature delivery. The combination of these APIs provides customers with an additional layer of security by verifying the identity of the signer of third-party and custom applications and enabling them to address use cases that require additional authentication. increase.

New and deepened integration

This robust set of APIs, combined with SDK support and other Box platforms, provides a seamless experience for partners to integrate digital signature capabilities directly into their systems rather than building similar solutions from scratch. increase.

From workflow automation to certifying services, partners such as UiPath and SIGNiX are already leveraging the Sign API to help co-customers save start-up time and increase business productivity. For example, Box is also announcing the following new and enhanced integrations:

  • BoxSign’s enhanced UiPath integration.. As one of the most popular integrations on the UiPath platform, UiPath for Box enables users and teams to leverage UiPath’s advanced technology to automate processes that rely on files, data, or documents within Box. Already easy. UiPath also plans to add box signs to the UiPath Integration Service to enable customers to accelerate complex enterprise workloads such as contract processing, HR onboarding, and sales operations.
  • Box sign with SIGNiX for secure remote online notarization.. Some jurisdictions require notarization of all classes of documents, including commercial leases, mortgage documents, and legal affidavits. Currently available BoxSign with SIGNiX provides a seamless experience for using SIGNiX’s remote solutions and is designed to help reduce bottlenecks by automatically storing SigniX documents in Box Content Cloud. It has been.

“As interest in accelerated processes between organizations continues to grow, enhanced UiPath integration with Box makes it easy for enterprise organizations to begin or continue their enterprise automation journey, successfully maturing and maturing automation initiatives. We can expand and refocus our employees on business transformation, “Param said. Carlon, Chief Product Officer of UiPath. “We are proud to work closely with Box to build integrations that help users be more productive and get larger, faster results.”

Box Sign extends capabilities and developer tools for digitizing content cloud contracts Box Sign extends capabilities and developer tools for digitizing content cloud contracts

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