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Boxing media (and among fans) has a double standard. In practice, there are many double standards, many of which follow the same general bias line.

Remember when the media angered Deontay Wilder in 2018 and said:

“I want a body in my record … I want it. I really do … it’s a bronze trouser bar. He wants it. When I’m a bronze bomber, I care I don’t want it in my record. “”

You won’t be joking or fooled by such things. Wilder clearly did not respect the dignity of sports or the brotherhood of old-fashioned fighters. What a barbaric thug!

Fast forward one week in advance. Gennady Golovkin also went “there”.

“You know Oscar, you know how dirty his mouth is,” Golovkin said in response to Oscar de la Hoya saying he could beat him. “He can say anything, but I’ll say it this way-if I get the chance to legally kill the guy in the ring, I might grab it.”

Man, the media made a fuss with it! They were about to kick him out of the sport because of the story of being inducted into the Ring Hall of Fame. just kidding. They didn’t say sorry. They continued to throw Golovkin’s Kazakh salad, proclaiming his “historical” splendor and touting his next soft touch.

Remember when Deontay Wilder became a universal source of ridicule because of his excuses and conspiracy theories about his defeat to Tyson Fury?

However, Vasyl Lomachenko recently provided his own ridiculous help with excuses and conspiracy theories about the October defeat to Teofimo Lopez.

“I didn’t lose the fight,” Lomachenko told a sympathetic foreign interviewer. “I can’t win even if I win 3 rounds in the first half [on] scorecard. What does it say? It’s not a prejudice, it’s a bribe. There was nothing about honest judgment.

“I don’t know who the game was … I think it was someone’s game. They knew there was about a 20% chance of a knockout from my side. So why?”

… and crickets from most media.

Or when Sergey Kovalev was praised as “taking the high road” in 2016 when faced with Jean Pascal, who was furious because of his long history of racist remarks and racist ridicule. how is?

Or what about Terence Crawford being repeatedly and aggressively called on the carpet because of his lack of quality at the welterweight division, a dangerous opposition? The media only said good things about Gennady Golovkin, but he made 16 defenses-deep into the reign of middleweight titles without facing those who weren’t tailored to be crushed. I did. During that run, Triple G did not face a relatively more challenging person than José Benavidez and Amir Khan did against Crawford. Only Crawford was roasted alive-although both could rely on the excuse that they were avoided by the division-top dog-started one defense against his reign-why. Or did not cause a big fight.

I’ve been able to continue proof of this double standard of boxing many times, but I think you’ll get a drift.

It’s hard to ignore what’s common to all these cases, right?

It is an ancient tradition of combat games that black fighters are bound by different standards than white fighters (or whitish fighters). And what do you guess? Nothing has been done about it until someone points out this shit and starts holding some legs to fire.

To be honest, it’s not racial at this point, it’s honest and sincere. Boxing lacks those areas, and fixing those holes can greatly help solve many other sports problems.

Boxing is a delightful last resort for politically incorrect people, creating a substitute thrill for many, including racism, sexism, corruption, and even complete theft. Boxing is a place where well-kept, nutritious middle-aged men are in “slums” in dark, seed-rich alleys. This is where the murderer Hustler became his beloved “character” and was unanimously inducted into the Hall of Fame. And yeah, it’s a place where people can still act like 1944 and accept / tolerate racist bullshit that couldn’t fly in any other area of ​​society.

Nothing changes for the better in this environment. Boxing needs better and brave men and women in its media. They are the ones who are willing to fight the horrors, villains, and idiots who tighten their bags and ruin our sport.

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Boxing Raging Double Standard || FIGHTHYPE.COM Boxing Raging Double Standard || FIGHTHYPE.COM

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