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This is our first ranking update From December 21st, Because there is no update on the 28th and the ranking will not be updated until Monday, January 25th. So here’s a very limited schedule from now to the next battle. ..

Future battle:

  • Junior featherweight: (5) Stephen Fulton Jr. vs (7) Angelo Leo, January 23
  • Bantamweight: (9) Takuma Inoue vs Keita Kurihara, January 14th

Future battle: (8) Joseph Parker vs Junior Fa, February 27

Future battle: (2) Krzysztof Glowacki vs (8) Lawrence Okolie, TBA

Note: If you miss it The battle between Artur Beterbiev and Adam Danes was delayed again.. This was a disaster overall. Beterbiev was to face the IBF’s obligatory Meng Fanlong before COVID, but Men had visa issues after COVID, so Danes was inserted in September and October, and Beterbiev had ribs. It broke and was reset on January 30th. .. An incredible test to reach a battle that is almost unattractive except to see Beterbiev fight again.

Future battle: (3) Sergey Kovalev vs Bektemir Melikuziev, January 30 … (4) Joe Smith Jr. vs Maxim Brasov, February 13 … (1) Artur Beterbiev vs Adam Danes, TBA

Future battle: (2) Caleb Plant vs Caleb Truax, January 30th … (1) Canelo Alvarez vs Avnyur Dilim, February 27th

Future battle: TBA

Future battle: (3) Brian Castaño vs (9) Patrick Teixeira, February 13

Future battle: TBA

Future battle: TBA

Note: There is no doubt that Ryan Garcia is a serious candidate at the age of 135. KO beats Luke Campbell on Saturday.. I’m sure some of you will keep the chain running, and I do so in some respects, because that’s what we do most of the time as boxing fans. To some extent, at least until someone retires or dies, it’s rarely enough to say “Yeah, that was great” or “Yeah, that guy was great.” The question was to slip through everything someone had done so far, make it romantic, and lament that the new fighter is no longer cut from the cloth. It is not unique to boxing or sports. This is exactly the way people do it.

Garcia is flawed. Campbell dropped him in the second round, and he found some success in Garcia, where his footwork may be flat and a little clumsy, and he left his chin up in the air. It tends to stay upright too. These are things that a good trainer can fix, and he is one of the “good trainers” currently accepted by Eddy Reynoso. However, Garcia will be under pressure to continue the big fight. It doesn’t take long to get better at the age of 22. Teofimo Lopez set the tone at 135 for young fighters throughout the sport by fighting and defeating Vasyl Lomachenko last year. Garcia has fans, the media, and a call to do the same.

Now he could certainly get it off his shoulders and fight Jorge Linares or someone else, ignoring any backlash. However, while some fighters are designed to ignore such things, others are not.If they engage in it, it won’t Really Annoy them and they play a long game — if you keep winning, people end up just coming around a kind. I think Devin Haney is doing that a bit. I don’t know if Ryan Garcia has the same idea.

You can do it if you have big fights and the fighters really want them. Oscar de la Hoya lost Garcia twice as a promote and couldn’t afford it because Canero left the Golden Boy, so “everyone else needs Garcia, it’s all his condition. I chose the “in” approach. This makes sense. But the ultimate word comes down to fighters. If Garcia wants Theofimo and Teofimo terribly wants Garcia, that’s possible. The tank is the same. Same as Haney. And that applies to any combination there.

Garcia’s victory over Luke Campbell is clearly the best victory for me as to why Haney and Tank jump as well as the man who is expected to defeat Campbell in 3rd place this week. Because. Of these three, 135, and Tank’s victory over Leo Santa Cruz and Jose Pedraza at 130 is the only mix of the other two resumes. Do you think Garcia is better than Haney and Tank now? Honestly, I think Haney might be able to get him out of the box quite skillfully, and Tank might blow him up.But don’t ignore the presence of Campbell Greatly impressed by the power of Garcia Or How much he thinks his child will be better,which one. Power and speed can overcome many. Garcia has both.

Anyway, the lightweight has become even more interesting. And this is also a deep division of quality fighters than the top 10. There are so many good fights that can be done here in 2021.

Future battle: (6) Richard Commey vs Jackson Marinesu, February 13th

Future battle: (4) Joseph Diaz Jr. vs Schaffkats Hong Rakimov, February 13 … (1) Miguel Berchelt vs (6) Oscar Valdes, February 20 … (3) Jamel Herring vs (9) Carl Frampton, TBA

Future battle: TBA

Future battle: (5) Stephen Fulton Jr. vs (7) Angelo Leo, January 23 … (6) Brandon Figueroa vs (8) Luis Nery, undecided

Future battle: (9) Takuma Inoue vs Keita Kurihara, January 14th

Note: Kazuto Ioka’s New Year’s Eve beats previous 1st place flyweight Kosei Tanaka It was a great fight, a great performance by veteran Titleist in four divisions, and reminded me that Ioka was really great.

As a result, the rankings were shuffled and Ioka jumped from 4th to 2nd place, exchanging places with Srisaket Sor Rumbisai. This is not the top four easy to order at this time. The ranking is a snapshot and there are a lot of “what you did recently”. It plays a big role in things, but not all. Lumbisai recently appeared to be the weakest of the four. He defeated Roman Gonzalez twice, one decisive and one against Estrada, but now it looks like he’s hit a wall. Ioka is different. Estrada is not.

BoxRec’s system beat Tanaka to push Ioka to 1st place, and it was a fairly strong 1st place in their number, firmly leading Estrada in 2nd place and Chocolatite in 3rd place, in 4th place. Rumbisai is behind the pack. I’m not going there, but I think I can. Let’s say Ioka defeats Donnie Nietes. Many felt worthy of him at the end of 2018, rather than the defeat of the controversial split decision. Basically, this is not suspicious. He was probably already a pretty strong second place.

But that’s the way I have it for now. Estrada-Gonzalez 2 on March 13th was approaching, after which we were able to discuss first place, including Ioka.

Kosei Tanaka is in the lower flyweight division and may think he’s in the top 10 here based on a good fight against a good opponent, but not yet. If he intends to get there, he’ll get there, and it doesn’t even seem like the rest of this top 10 is filled with scrubs. This is a really talented class. In other words, No. 8 Jeyvier Syntron has been quite competitive with Ioka for over 12 years since a year ago. I think Mr. Tanaka may be in 5th place in terms of ability, but even such a silly subjective thing is not enough to go there.

Future battle: (1) Juan Francisco Estrada vs (3) Roman Gonzalez, March 13th

Note: Tanaka came out as mentioned above, and Joselito Velázquez came in in 10th place, but this was not an easy choice. In fact, we weighed the strengths and weaknesses of the six potential spot fillers. In fact, if you pass 4 or 6 here, you are playing Calvin Ball in the spot. The big argument of Jay Harris is that Julio Cesar Martinez couldn’t bow his head. Acosta was holding the belt at 108. Rosales had a little title, Wasem was competing with Mutalene, Kimura was competing with Tanaka, former Titleist and so on.

If Tanaka announced in the next few days or weeks that he was going to return to flyweight, to be honest, I would probably bring him back to the top spot. But I don’t think he will. He opened the belt at 112 and did not lower his toes at 115. His goal is not to putter a place where he has already won the belt, but to be the world title of the fourth weight class.

Future battle: TBA

Note: There was a strange commentary angle shot by Chris Manix at the DAZN show on Saturday. Felix Alvarado defeats Deejay Kriel The winner can confront Elwin Soto to determine who the real No. 1 fighter is in the division. Terachi and Kyoguchi are far more advanced than packs for most people. Don’t get me wrong here. Alvarado-Soto is a great fight and I would love to see it, but perhaps it will determine the clear third man in the division. And it’s not full of saying, “These are DAZN guys, so I talk as if no one else exists.” First of all, Manix isn’t on that path, so he can sometimes be a hypocrite, and who can’t be a commentator in us?But Matchroom just signed KyoguchiSo he will join DAZN someday.

Alvarado-Kriel was a really good fight. It’s a good victory, so he overtakes Cañizares to move Alvarado to third place. Kriel fell to 10th place, but remains ranked. He made a brave and tremendous effort to be a tough style match for him.

Future battle: TBA

Future battle: TBA

Future battle: (9) Miguel Berchelt vs Oscar Valdes, February 20

Future battle: (5) Jessica McCaskill vs (6) Cecilia Brækhus, undecided

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Boxing Rankings (January 4, 2021): Ryan Garcia is a real candidate at 135 Boxing Rankings (January 4, 2021): Ryan Garcia is a real candidate at 135

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