Bramhouse develops sequel with David Gordon Green

Green is in talks to direct a horror film, but don’t be surprised if he first works on a smaller, more personal project.


Blumhouse is developing a sequel to pre-holiday horror news that will surely spin your head exorcist It will be directed by David Gordon GreenAlso behind the company’s new Halloween trilogy.

observer Bramhouse broke the news by reporting that it had teamed up with Morgan Creek on the project.This was first mentioned in August as part of a deadline story for Morgan Creek to team up with Amazon to remake the series. Dead ringer..

Jason Blum Produced with Morgan Creek James Robinson And David Robinson, And Deadline is initially new exorcist The movie was aimed for a 2021 release, which may be a bit optimistic.Green is still in talks and observers say it’s unclear if it will be the next feature of the director following his two. Halloween The sequel.

Personally, I loved Green’s drama, so I wish the director could sneak into a smaller, more personal project after those Halloween movies. Stronger starring Jake Gyllenhaal I want to see him make more such movies.Of course, I was also a big fan of the 2018s HalloweenSo if Green came up with a way to breathe new life into dying exorcist Franchise, then I’m all about it. Because it’s just a great IP sitting there waiting for a fresh take.

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directed by William friedkin, The original 1973 movie followed Regan MacNeil’s demonic possession (Linda Blair), The mother (Ellen Burstyn) We are looking for a pair of priests (Jason Miller And Max von Sydow) Simply fighting an entity known as Pazuzu. exorcist Was nominated for Best Picture and produced four follow-up films. The franchise has generated over $ 520 million in revenue worldwide, but Friedkin has no plans to be involved in this new project.

Green’s next Michael Myers movie, Halloween kill, Opening the theater on October 15, 2021 Halloween is over Will be released on October 14, 2022. With more than $ 255 million in installments worldwide in 2018, it’s easy to see why Blumhouse wants to reopen its business with Green and why Morgan Creek wants to partner with Blumhouse. This particular project. When it comes to horror, Blum and his team simply have genre expertise.However, if Morgan Creek wants to restart crash, They need to call I, Not Jason.

Speaking of Bram House, the company also Mount a remake of Ignition tool It will star Zac Efron, And it’s one Stephen king Originally there was room for improvement, so the adaptation I’m particularly excited about.

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Bramhouse develops sequel with David Gordon Green

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