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The Eagles suffered two major injuries to Brandon during the second week’s defeat. San Francisco 49ers Both Brandon Graham and Brandon Brooks finished the game early.

Nick Sirianni, who told reporters on Monday afternoon, confirmed that we had already heard about Graham.Eagles veteran defensive end Achilles tendon tears for the season..

But when it comes to Brooks, he’s not over in 2021. Philly’s head coach has made the following updates to the team’s first light guard.

“He made him nervous [pectoral muscle].. I think he’ll probably go to IR, but it’s not an end-of-season injury. “

It’s good to know that Brooks will come back someday, but it’s not clear at this point when that will happen. Once the Eagles place him in the IR, he will not be eligible to activate him until some point after the next three games (Cowboys vs. Chiefs, Panthers).

Who started instead of Brooks seems to be Landon Dickerson. The Eagles turned to the second round pick of 2021 when Brooks left the match early on Sunday.

But Dickerson had a hard time. According to Pro Football Focus, he tolerated five pressures with just 20 passes of blocking snaps. Sirianni acknowledged that newcomers have room for improvement.

“He played a solid game. He definitely — we all know that we all have to do something to improve based on yesterday’s game. But I do. I thought he played steadily for his first outing. Again, his pass pro has some things to clean up. Assignments, and stuff like that. But he was encouraged to play an important snap for the first time. “

To be fair to Dickerson, Sunday was his first game action since breaking the ACL in December 2020. Dickerson did not participate in a single training camp session and did not fully participate in the Eagles regular season practice until early last week.

Still, given the nature of the position, the team is not always happy to get young aggressive linemen to overcome serious growth pain. It’s a dangerous decision when they are tasked with protecting the most important players in the sport. If the Eagles feel Dickerson isn’t ready, they may seem to turn to Nate Harbig.

At least, Sirianni didn’t rule out that possibility on Monday afternoon.

“Obviously, everything is controversial. We saw the tape this morning and are now in the early stages of game planning in Dallas — before the players come tomorrow — there’s no final one.” Hey. I don’t want to say, “It’s going to be Landon” or “Hey, it’s going to be Nate.” We’re not there yet, so to be completely honest with you. “

The guess here is that Dickerson will replace Brooks because the Eagles believe in his long-term potential. But the chances of being Harbig instead are not zero.

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Brandon Brooks Injury: Nick Sirianni Provides updates on Eagles right guard Brandon Brooks Injury: Nick Sirianni Provides updates on Eagles right guard

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