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Brandon Figueroa once again showed on Saturday that determination can take you a long way.

Figueroa relentlessly attacked WBC £ 122 title holder Luis Nery in a close give-and-take battle, leaving the tired champion’s ribs in the sixth round, the first at Dinity Health Sports Park. Won the major title of. Carson, California.

Victory will set a unified title confrontation with WBO belt holder Stephen Fulton in September.

“It feels great,” said Figueroa, who also holds a secondary title. “This is a dream … I’ve been living it since I was 7 years old. I know everyone doubted me, but I’m here with two belts This is all hard work and dedication. “

Nelly (31-1, 24 KO) fought well in most battles when he and Figueroa (22-0-1, 17 KO) stood from toe to toe, jabs, sometimes moving, and brutal exchanges. I did it well. .. He did a particularly good bodywork.

Brandon Figueroa celebrates winning the WBC £ 122 title on Saturday in Carson, CA after stopping Luis Nery.Stalin / Showtime

The judge continued to fight after six rounds. Nelly was 59-55 and Figueroa was 58-56 and 57-57. Boxing junkie had Nelly before 58-56.

However, Figueroa, known for his conditioning and punching power, began to wear Nelly by the 5th or 6th round. Figueroa had previously said that it was too big and too strong for Nelly, who fought for the second time as a full-fledged 122-pound gun. He may have been right.

Figueroa landed the most shots in the first few minutes of the final round, then connected Nelly to the ribs on his hands and knees after the biggest shot, a delayed response.

The Mexicans either failed or chose not to do so, with obvious pain. Then he was still holding his side while sitting in the dressing room.

The official stop time was 2:18 in Round 7.

“It was a plan to defeat him,” Figueroa said. “”[Trainer] Joel Diaz told me to put pressure on him, he wasn’t going to last long. … I knew he was tired. He was trying to put me in the box. There was pressure on him.

“I saw him breathing hard. A body shot arrived at him, and my team said,” Let’s go catch him. ” “

Figueroa returns to Weslaco, Texas, to enjoy his new position as World Champion, but soon returns to Jim to prepare for a bigger fight against undefeated Fulton, who was fighting Saturday.

The two were on each other’s radar for a while. And now it’s likely to happen.

“Man, we’ve been waiting for this fight for a while,” Figueroa said. “… I knew I had to go past Nelly, and I did that. Everything in time. Now we have the show hell in September.

“I imagined defeating Nelly and fighting Stephen Fulton. Let’s do it.”

It works for Fulton.

“It was a performance hell,” Fulton said of Figueroa. “I predicted that. As I said, Nelly is £ 118. He has to say there. Now is my time. I was waiting for this moment.”

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Brandon Figueroa wins Luis Nery title and body shot in Round 7 Brandon Figueroa wins Luis Nery title and body shot in Round 7

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