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The defeat of the New Orleans Pelican in the 118-116 extra time against the Indiana Pacers will teach the Stan Van Gundy team in the long run.

The· New Orleans Pelican After the last-minute meltdown in the fourth quarter, he suffered his third defeat of the season.

With less than 30 seconds left, the Pacers scored 6 points down, then tied the game in 3 consecutive games and won in just a few seconds into overtime through Malcolm Brogdon’s floater.

This was the game New Orleans Pelicans should have won, especially after the 19-2 run in the fourth quarter. Crunchtime yields in New Orleans are statistically strange, so don’t worry too much.

The NBA team, who led the game by more than 6 points in less than 25 seconds before the Pacers won on Monday night, had a record of 8,104 wins with two losses. Both players and coaches should learn from now on.

Brandon Ingram earlier this week Play like an MVP candidate to start the season. None of what I’ve seen for Indiana convinces me to think about anything else. Ingram played for 40 minutes, scoring 31 points and 8 assists. Throughout the first seven games of the Pelicans, the 6-foot-7 forward was Stan Van Gundy’s only attack system, and for a long time he was very good.

Ingram had another good match last night. He was active in both scoring and playmaking. The terrible Duke product reached that point in his NBA career when the game was completely slowed down. He can reach his spot at any time he wants, and if the jump shot isn’t falling, he’s more and more skilled at using the handling and length of the ball to attack the rim.

It’s no coincidence that Ingram averages the best free throw attempts of his career. He arrived on the line six times last night and constantly punished one of the best front courts in the league. As far as I know, Ingram has tried 11 shots, which the NBA classifies as layups, and has shown a willingness to compete with Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner.

Ingram also helped move his teammates. He had only one turnover with eight assists, many of which showed improvements in his vision and execution. Ingram manipulated Pacers’ defenses, attracted Pacers to him, and then found another pelican.The weapons of his pass were on display: pick and roll discoveries, skipping passes to corner shooters, reading the top of Indiana defense, and even a Magic Johnson-style lob pass. Zion Williamson..

The tight handle of Ingram’s size allows him to freeze the opposite defense, and his height means he can see everywhere on the floor. There were many candidates, but below is his favorite path to the Pacers.

Ingram is using throughout the season Steven adams‘A screen to create a space for yourself and enter the pull-up jumper. Myles Turner thinks Ingram will do it again, so meet him high up on Adams’ screen to prevent this. Instead of shooting, Ingram counters Turner with a great pump fake and meets Rolling Adams with the perfect bounce pass for dunks.

It was Ingram’s passing masterclass, but it’s no wonder his last assist was in the remaining five minutes of the fourth quarter.

The New Orleans Pelican attack stopped at the last moment of the game, and after many pick-and-rolls between Ingram and Adams, the pick-and-rolls were essentially high.

Williamson barely sniffed the ball, even though most were protected by Justin Holiday at £ 180. Lonzo Ball made two big threes in the fourth quarter, but he was frozen from the attack. Pelicans want to get the ball into Ingram’s hands at the crucial moment of the game, but I don’t think this is their only option.

New Orleans Pelican: Pell is too dependent on Brandon Ingram

Ingram is an incredible two-way talent. But Van Gundy relies too much on him to be the starter of the team’s attack, ignoring the natural flow of pelicans. Twelve of Ingram’s 31 shots last night were due to less than four minutes remaining in the previous quarter. During that time (4 times in the last period until the end of the game), someone else shot only 6 times. It’s an unhealthy addiction.

I went back and glanced at the New Orleans Pelican’s possessions. It’s clear that Ingram was suffering from tunnel vision, but it’s impossible to know how much is self-harm and how much is coach-led. There were at least four or five instances where Ingram could have passed a shot to find a teammate.

In the clip above, the Ingram wing ball is wide open. The ball took part in the game by shooting 3 to only 30%, but got hot across the arc against the Pacers. Instead of passing, Ingram takes an off-balanced jumper that rattles. It’s a good shot for him, but it’s also a bad shot.

One of the best looks of a pelican overtime was when using Ingram as a decoy. Williamson forges an inbound-to-ingram handoff and instead takes it to the rim, making it a powerful one. This was a big bucket for New Orleans at the crucial moment of the game and was achieved using Ingram as a decoy rather than as a single offensive option.

Ingram’s excellent performance was eventually contaminated by a bad final stretch. Responsibility should not be with him. He takes potential game winners and is well worth touching the ball a lot when the game is near, but he can’t be the only New Orleans pelican at crunch time. The New Orleans team has a lot of talent, and Stan Van Gundy maximizes it when it matters most, rather than giving Ingram the ball to improvise as we’ve seen this season. I need to start doing more for.

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Brandon Ingram is not the only option Brandon Ingram is not the only option

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