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The debate over whether the Pittsburgh Steelers made the right decision to revive veteran quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in 2021 began last week and could continue until the end of the team’s season. Immediately after Roethlisberger was actually decided to return to the 18th NFL season in 2021, more major hot takes entered the weekend than Roethlisberger returned to the pass on average last season. I was flying around.

Former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall, an analyst at Fox Sport 1’s First Things First, understands the Steelers’ decision to revive Roethlisberger, but why it’s right. Everything we’ve told for the weekend depends on the attitude of the veteran quarterback, especially the new attack coordinator Matt Canada and the type of attack he wants to carry out.

“It’s not that Big Ben can’t get it done, it doesn’t matter,” Marshall said of Roethlisberger, who returned in 2021. Things are a little different. “

Marshall didn’t stop there. It can be said that Roethlisberger needs to be skeptical that he can aggressively accept what is best for the Steelers in 2021, as opposed to what he really wants to do. He believes that if Roethlisberger becomes more obedient as a quarterback, he and the Steelers may benefit from it.

“Now I believe they should sit down and try to find the best for the Big Ben, the best for the aggressive coordinator, but the Big Ben runs the show and he is very They’ve been running the show for a long time and they haven’t returned to the Super Bowl, Marshall said. “So I think this is the beginning of the transition. Big Ben was the one who embraced more than yoga and steermasters. Then you might think he’s in a good position to have a good season. Play for another year or two. “

Roethlisberger and Steelers started 11-0 last season, with quarterbacks throwing an average of a fair amount of football in every match during the period, but Marshall teamed up for the weekend. What happened during the last few games of 2020 is a better reflection of overall play.

“Remember what happened in the last four or five games,” Marshall said of Roethlisberger’s play in the Steelers 2020 season, especially in quarterbacks. “Most of these intercepts happened in the last four or five games, so there were a lot of these imperfections. He started enthusiastically. They started 11-0. But what happened in the second half of the season? You know, he started the trend in the wrong direction, so I think that’s the Big Ben we saw. “

Marshall talks about Roethlisberger about what the Steelers think the quarterback needs to do in 2021 to compete after the playoffs and how they don’t need another season to throw football too much. I started to summarize my thoughts.

“And if Big Ben embraced Morning Yoga and Stairmaster, he really believes he can get there and help the team win,” Marshall said. “But that happens with the understanding that we have to do it in a particular way against an attack. I don’t think they have a real identity with respect to the attack. This is power- A team that has long been known for running O and taking a few shots. They haven’t done that. Big Ben has fallen down and is throwing it over and over again. He Has taken some shots in the field, but he’s also dunking and dunking, so I think it’s who Big Ben really is in the second half of the season. “

Except for Marshall saying he’s stubborn by bashing Roethlisberger, he thinks he’s right about how veteran quarterbacks need to reduce throws in 2021. In order for the team to win, he does so weekly, weekly, and winning in the process is not sustainable.

The Steelers seem to feel the same about the direction of the attack this offseason. One of the accusations against Canada is finding a way to revive a running game and somehow being in the upper half of the NFL. Personally, I don’t think Roethlisberger would interfere with such an event or be too stubborn to go with what Canada believes is best for an attack.

“He can’t get out of what an aggressive coordinator wants to do,” Marshall said.

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Brandon Marshall: Ben Roethlisberger’s biggest problem with his return is his stubbornness Brandon Marshall: Ben Roethlisberger’s biggest problem with his return is his stubbornness

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