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Buendia’s update is passed on to fans, Parti becomes like a new signature, Fork sends Brandt’s message to fans, Arteta sums up Arsenal news and gossip about Ozil’s future …

Norwich manager Daniel Farke isn’t thinking of starman Emi Buendía leaving in January as Arsenal speculation grows.

One area of ​​pitch he is reportedly trying to improve is the midfield. This is because the Spaniards have lacked a bit of creative spark in the middle of the pitch over the past few months and need to resolve it.

Argentina was selected as a Canary Islands player in December and won the winner with a 1-0 victory over Barnsley on Saturday. Buendia scored six goals and many assists this season. Talented winger also achieves an average of 3.3 keypasses, 2.3 shots and 1.4 dribbles per game.

Canary boss Fark was asked about the future of the 24-year-old Argentine and said he was confident that the club could stay in service in January. “Emi is an important player for us, an important member of the group, and he is completely committed to us,” Falk said. “He is our player and will continue to be our player. We will keep him because he has a long-term contract with the club.

“Everyone knows his qualities-and I’m not expecting interest just because he scored a mysterious goal today. He won such a number for us. And people know what he can do. It was a great finish, and that’s what Emi can do. He instinctively knows when to run and then finishes that way. Have quality. “

Mikel Arteta has refused to exclude Mesut Özil from returning to Arsenal’s Premier League team this month.

Arsenal have rejected Mesut Özil from the first team after the Germans lost their creative touch. And there is a great deal of media sentiment that he will be sold in the upcoming transfer window as the Gunners try to pull him away from the wage bill.

The former Germany national team has not been in the Gunners since March and has been excluded from Mikel Arteta’s latest Premier League and Europa League teams, despite being in good shape.

His contract expired this summer and it is understood that the 32-year-old wants to see it instead of staying in the transfer window, and whether Ozil will return to the team in January. When asked, Arteta said: The transfer window and we rate it at the end.

“You need to respect the player’s contract. You can just be open with them and tell them your intentions, their role in the team, and why.

“Some people want to move because they aren’t playing, others want to stay. That’s something we can’t decide for ourselves.

“It’s really hard to be happy when a player doesn’t play.

“Some players don’t play at all. They know they don’t have a chance. It’s mentally difficult for them and it’s about keeping their motivation and positivity around the place for months. It’s big. It is the job.”

Built Christian Fork opens, confirming that Arsenal are really interested in signing Julian Brandt and that Gunners players have already talked about playing with Bundesliga stars.

With the transfer window open, Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has the opportunity to improve the Arsenal team with enough moves to push the top four far up at the end of the season.

And one area of ​​pitch he’s trying to improve is the midfield. This is because the Spaniards have lacked a bit of creative spark in the middle of the pitch over the past few months and need to resolve it.

Brant is advertised as an option, but if he is the target, the 24-year-old will probably order a significant transfer fee. Brant hasn’t missed a match against Dortmund so far this season and has a contract until 2024.

According to Built Christian Folk, the interest in Brandt is concrete, and summer moves may be on the card. Fork states: [at Arsenal], Youth Director Per Mertesacker has the same agent as him and he wants to come to London.

“I could very well imagine that it would happen.

“It’s still a bit open for transfers, but winter (January) is probably a bit too short a notification, so maybe it’s summer.”

Spanish boss Mikel Arteta feels that Thomas Partey’s return to fitness is a new deal with Arsenal.

Ghana’s midfielder was injured when Arsenal signed a major transfer window from Atletico Madrid after months of speculation after the Gunners invested £ 45 million to sign a transfer deal. Only a handful participated in.

Arsenal are raising him well, but he is currently training and may face Newcastle in the FA Cup on January 9th.Arteta feels like the team has a new signature when he returns

“We’re in January. I think he played two and a half games,” Arteta told Parti at a press conference after winning 4-0 against West Brom on Saturday. “That alone, he was our main signer.

“We missed him. He brings something different to the team. He is a very talented player. But some people can transform the team the way we want.

“It would be great if we could welcome him and stay healthy. I think he will contribute in a really positive way.

“He’s been training for the most part in the last few days. He feels good, so we rate him.

“He needs a few more good sessions to see if he’s okay to play 100%. If so, that’s great news for us.”

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Brant Ozil Arteta and Buendia appear in Arsenal’s summary Brant Ozil Arteta and Buendia appear in Arsenal’s summary

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