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former WWE Star Braun Strowman no longer has a company contract. He’s undergoing a rough patch because no one wants to lose his job.

Is Braun Strowman enjoying his time?

However, The Monster Among Men went to his Instagram account and posted a photo. It saw Straumann having a good time with a 40-year-old elephant. He revealed it as a miss bubble.

He wanted to share a great experience with the elephants and said it made him feel like a child. Adam Cole Amazing WWE NXT Payroll Leak

He added a caption:

“I’ve never felt so helpless in my life, but at the same time I’ve never felt so safe. Miss Bubbles is the most beautiful and gentle £ 9000 woman. She’s a very nice mammal and makes me like a kid. I literally stopped doing this. The once-in-a-lifetime experience doesn’t even start explaining how great this was. She’s the eldest daughter of @docantle, nearly 40 years old, and It’s so beautiful to see the bond between them. I can’t thank him for sharing this opportunity with my friends and now giving me the opportunity to share it with you !!!! #bubblestheelephant #myrtlebeachsafari #MLMR #Love #elephant #lifechanging ”

Check out the Instagram posts below:

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Braun Strowman looks “powerless” in new photos Braun Strowman looks “powerless” in new photos

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