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We haven’t seen Brown Strowman since he headbutted the official Adam Pearce and was stopped by WWE on the storyline.That was a long time ago Monday night rear Survivor series, When they were trying to find the next row of shots at Drew McIntyre and the WWE Championship.

Fast forward tonight when WWE booked an episode Friday Night SmackDown Focusing on the preview Royal rumble Pay-per-view scheduled for January 31st.Various wrestlers from Living Appearing, they were all involved in some sort of physicality, leading to a main event where wrestlers from both brands beat each other.

It all ended with Straumann going back to the TV and stepping into the ring to get rid of it:

The commentary wondered if this meant he would be part of the men’s royal rumble match. That’s probably a safe assumption.

Complete smack down Results and coverage of this week’s show here..

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Braun Strowman returns to WWE TV Braun Strowman returns to WWE TV

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