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NEOWIZ provided details on upcoming updates to the hit strategy RPG Brave Nine. This includes an exciting addition to the new legendary Dominus Octo Companion and Jump Start Quest, as well as the spectacular conclusions of Part II of the game campaign.

The first of these new legendary Dominus Oct characters is Fortisia, a companion to Asmodeus. She was the first of the succubus and the former queen of Riasil, whose charm allows people to give up their souls at a glance. However, only Asmodeus is unaffected by her charm.

The second is Levidel, a fellow of Mamonir. She was the daughter of Kraken, the lord of the Dead Sea, and sought Mamonir’s help when the Dead Sea was at stake. When Mamonir died of illness, Levidel tried to revive her, and they ended up sharing each other’s souls.

The third companion is Valze’s sister and head maiden, Valze’s companion Helgeia, who helps her in various tasks. Her ultimate goal is to make Valze the greatest ruler of the night world.

Finally, the fourth legendary Dominus Oct companion is Belfern’s companion, El Mahab. He took care of his mentor, educated him, and eventually turned Belfern into a vampire. He stole the key to open the door to the abyss and was trapped in the process of making Belfern part of his pedigree. These new companions will be offered as part of the Part II update of the campaign. The campaign sees the spectacular conclusions of this sage as the final battle with Dominus Oct progresses.

In addition to this, Brave Nine also hosts several special events a month. Legend Skill Book Peace At mission events, players can collect Legend Skill Book and collect pieces by completing missions daily. A new Genderbent Baine costume has been added to the in-game shop, and a Legend Recruit 10 + 1 event has been added to help players spend the rest of their diamonds. There’s a lot to work on with this new update. Five are also provided free of charge. Legendary skills have been transferred, and five more will appear in December.

Brave Nine can be downloaded from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android.

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