Brave patch 3.03 notes and changes: Viper’s Pit nerf, crosshairs

BraveThe first patch arrived in almost 3 weeks. The biggest change is a bug fix that is a big technical problem of Viper’s Ultimate. This patch also includes a more customizable crosshair and the ability to capture more parts of the map than before.

At the beginning of BraveIn the latest season of, Riot released a patch that allows Viper to place Viper’s Pit Ultimate ability where the crosshairs point instead of at his feet as before. This turned out to be a big buff for the agent. Because she could put her abilities out of reach, hide them in a safe place, and throw them away. The only problem was that the riot was not intended for this to happen.

With the latest patch, Riot has returned Ultimate to the cast where Viper is standing, further limiting her options. Since the first change at the beginning of the season, Viper has become one of the most powerful agents in the game. So Riot decided to fix the bug and restore the winning percentage.

this Brave The patch includes some new crosshairs that allow players to create custom options, such as changing the central dot of the sniper rifle and using a regular crosshair for the shotgun instead of a circle. Options are also included. What’s more, there are multiple crosshair profiles in case you want to set some and change quickly. Finally, this patch updates the Radianite box so that it can penetrate from any angle, not just a specific location.

To see it completely Brave With patch 3.03, you can see the official patch notes.

Brave patch 3.03 notes


  • Fixed a bug where Viper pits started forming at cursor placement points instead of around Viper

OK, this is a technical bug fix, but it changes the way Viper’s Pit is deployed. Ultimate spawned in a placement reticle instead of around because it accidentally shipped a bug in 3.01. Many Viper mains know that this was a deliberate buff and they thought they might not be happy with this return. I’m sorry for causing you pain.

We believe Viper’s Pit will be a very powerful tool for preserving areas. Given its impact, her team pays the cost of securing the ground before she can put her alto, rather than being able to throw it into the area without giving up her position. Is important.

Gameplay technology updates

Crosshair setting

  • Turn on Use Advanced Options to further customize the ADS crosshairs and the center dot of the sniper scope.
  • Added the ability to save and switch between multiple crosshair profiles

I’ve heard that you need the ability to share crosshair settings, but I agree. There is no exact time frame as to when it will come, but it is definitely on our radar.

  • Added a setting to set a minimum firing error for all weapons
  • Added a setting to use the primary crosshair with a shotgun

Map update

  • Now you can shoot through the Radianite crate from all angles with the right weapon.
  • Previously, you could shoot some boxes from a limited direction, but not others.
  • Updated the zipline to allow the “use” key so that it can be detached at any time

Social update

  • Added a system that can automatically undo applied AFK penalties in the event of unexpected server instability

Competitive update

  • Autobalance button added for custom games with over 6 players based on player MMR

Network update

  • Improved accuracy and responsiveness of ping calculation
  • The ping statistics now show both the average ping value and the maximum ping value, giving you a better understanding of the state of your network.
  • The average value is calculated from multiple samples collected at short time intervals. The maximum value is the maximum value in the sample.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a major issue where the Killjoy turret was not affected by Concus
  • Fixed Astra’s gravity well from pulling people when attached to the ascender
  • Fixed a bug where Astra could activate Dissipate when connecting to an ascender
  • Fixed an issue where boombots, owl drones, and fakeouts wouldn’t destroy the sage’s barrier orb when placed on top of a barrier wall segment.

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