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Masashi Takahashi, producer of Bravely Default II, the next title on Nintendo Switch, recently talked with Dengeki Online about the next article on the franchise coming to Switch next week. In a discussion translated by Nintendo Everything, Takahashi was a hybrid of Nintendo’s challenges faced by the team moving from two screens to one screen while maintaining art style, and the development of Octopath Traveler Bravely Default II It touches on how it helped to get it into the console. Bravely Default II will be released on February 26th and you can see a preview here.

Check out the translated discussion below:

Was Bravely Default II always going to be a switch title?

Takahashi: I think so. We learned a lot about the development of the Octopath Traveler, and considering the consoles that Bravely Default fans are likely to own, the Switch seemed to be the best choice.

Given that the switch is much more powerful than the 3DS, did this help smooth development?

Takahashi: From graphics to music to characters, we were able to make great strides like a real sequel. Even with all the improvements, I felt it was important to make sure that it was somehow similar to the previous title.

For example, looking at an in-game town, I used to want to create the feeling that a player is walking on a painting in 3D stereoscopic view. To keep the same feeling with this title, I decided to make the city like a paper craft. When I prototyped, the situation felt right and I decided to fully embrace the idea.

Also, in order to keep the atmosphere of the series as it is, when designing the field, we aimed for something closer to a model railroad rather than a more realistic one. We did a lot of experimentation to make the graphics unique while maintaining the “Bravely Default” atmosphere.

Players can understand this better by seeing it in action on the switch screen instead of looking at the screenshots. The “Final Demo” has also been released recently, so if you haven’t seen the game yet, please give it a try.

Is there anything that you find difficult because the game is a switch title?

Takahashi: The previous title was a 3DS game, so I was working on two screens. This time, I had to completely recreate the UI from scratch. It took me a long time to figure out how to put all the features on one screen without making things look cramped or overly complex.

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Bravely Default II producer talks about bringing game to Switch, challenge of one screen & more

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