Bravo cancels season 13 reunion and cast voice frustration

The news of RHONY’s reunion cancellation disappointed some cast members. Some cast members were looking forward to cleaning the air after a tough season13.

Bravo after record low ratings and unresponsive fans Officially canceled Real New York City Housewife The reunion of Season 13 and the disappointment of women.Previously postponed indefinitely, cancellation Potentially disadvantageous RHONY Reunion It should have been expected after a slumping season.

Oversees COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 elections, cast changes, RHONY Season 13 was barely floating in the choppy sea. Despite both a pandemic and rising racial tensions RHONY, There weren’t many plots in particular. Many fans visited social media every week to share their complaints about how the season was unfolding. Viewership fell to the lowest level in the franchise, and many wondered if the show would recover. Due to both schedule contradictions and tensions between the cast, the shoot for the reunion was delayed, adding more fuel to fan speculation. Finally, RHONY Reunion got a green light, Although the official shooting date has not been set.

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Now Bravo has made it official RHONY The reunion has been cancelled. Not surprisingly, many cast members leave a sour taste in their mouth.Network spokesman said ET that “NSTo schedule issues related to taping reunions Real New York City Housewife In a timely manner, Bravo confirmed that there would be no reunion this season.Sounds like a friendly decision, but sources ET that The cast is “Beyond frustration“By canceling the reunion.”They didn’t get a definite answer … they just wanted to say their work and move on,“The source of information continues,” “Now they feel like they’re out on a whim instead of a bang.. After the season hurt by the fight of the cast and the exacerbation of some racial tensions More unfiltered Ramona singerNot surprisingly, many women were looking forward to cleaning the air.

Eboni and Leah in the kitchen listening to another housewife at RHONY

Following the shocking news, some of the women went to social media to share their thoughts. Leah McSweeney, who posted a video on her Instagram story, confessed:Not only do we feel we need to talk to each other, but we are really relieved that we don’t have to talk about what happened a year ago.“Rookie Ebony K. Williams, RHONY‘NS The first black cast member who advanced most of the plot this season also participated in her Instagram story and shared a photo of a custom-made reunion dress. RHONY Star Eboni said, “Disappointed I can’t wear this masterpiece at the first #RHONY reunion.“”

Most viewers aren’t surprised to find that the dull season won’t reunite. Lacking a lot of content and plots wouldn’t have been able to provide fans with a hearty reunion drama.Yes, women could have cleared up some of the more unpleasant moments of the season, but it may not have been Ave Maria I expected.Now fans have this news Real New York City Housewife.. Perhaps the cancellation is a flapping butterfly.

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Bravo cancels season 13 reunion and cast voice frustration

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