Brawl Chess Now Available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

In this fantasy world, one of the brave heroes will lead your chess army to victory. Choose from mysterious fairies, dangerous dwarfs, clever elves, brave princes and more. The cartoon visuals make the game friendly to everyone. What’s happening there! The arrow flies overhead and the sword breaks in the heat of the battle. Or do you like classic chess? You can turn your work into a traditional one at any time. Brawl Chess-Gambit connects generations in multiplayer mode, but one player also appeals to players of all ages. There are 5 levels of difficulty. The first one is great for kids to learn. Fifth is suitable for chess professionals looking for serious challenges. Main features: Local multiplayer. Your family will definitely love this version of chess. Do you imagine a happy competition between parents and children? Is possible. Invite your grandparents too, they certainly know the rules. Kids-Friendly. It’s a game for the whole family, easy to learn and cheerful. Play regardless of age. Thanks to the vibrant cartoon style, children will also participate in the fun. Brain training. But in a fun way! Brawl Chess is one of the oldest and most popular games in the world with all the benefits, yet it looks modern. Improve IQ, improve math skills, and teach analytical and critical thinking. Train to use both hemispheres of the brain. Increased creativity. You don’t have to end the fun after turning off the console. If your father is a ghost and your son is a prince, you can play the scene with these characters after the chess game is over. Why is it worth playing chess? Learning chess is very beneficial to your child’s development.It allows them to achieve better outcomes in learning by developing skills such as: • Predict the outcome of their actions • Plan ahead • Problem solving • Ability to focus • Criticism Thinking • Logical thinking • Memory development

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Brawl Chess Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

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