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Braxton Berríos has a Fiesta reason.

in the meantime Take a vacation in Mexico with his girlfriend Sophia Carpo, Jets Kickoff Returner learned that he was nominated as the First Team Allpro by the Associated Press on Friday. Berríos led the NFL with 30.4 yards per kick-off return and won 102 yards with a touchdown that beat Jaguar.

Carpo posted a video of Berríos staring into space with the caption “Someone is in shock” on his Instagram account. He also wrote in his Twitter account, “I really have no words but to thank my teammates for making this possible. It wouldn’t have been possible without you!”

Berríos won 27 out of 50 votes. He also won two first-place votes as a Punt Returner, but the spot went to Devin Dubanay in Ravens. After a timely surge to end the season as a receiver, Berríos will become a free agent in March.

Jets’ last first team allpro was Safety Jamal Adams in 2019. Andre Roberts also won Jets’ highest honor in that position in 2018, so they are probably becoming kick-off returner factories. Safety Landon Collins and Defensive Tackle Damon Harrison have been professionals since being selected in 2016.

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Braxton Berrios of Jets wins all-pro honor Braxton Berrios of Jets wins all-pro honor

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