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As you can see in the photo below, Bray Wyatt is wearing a wig as part of his new “The Field” outfit with the new WWE SuperCard game update. Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton were “pulled” from life.

Wyatt will wrestle with Randy Orton in WrestleMania for the first time in four months. One of the names that doesn’t appear in WrestleMania is Lenny Young, who talked about missing a big show during an oral podcast session.

“I’m not going to lie, I have a touch of FOMO. I’m sorry I couldn’t go to WrestleMania this year. It was my choice and my decision. I flew the hut. Yeah, it feels weird not to be there. Don’t have that amp until WrestleMania. Get your clothes ready, the hype behind every match, and WrestleMania Week All the shit that accompanies.

It’s our Super Bowl, do you know? That’s what you’re looking forward to at WWE. The fact that fans are returning to the stadium is, to be honest, for those who all wrestlers eat that energy and don’t have big moments, or to whom they had big moments last year. But absolutely to anyone. This year we will rethink it and make it bigger. Just as you know what WWE is trying to do, you know they’re trying to blow it out of the water on Saturdays and Sundays. “

– WWE Sports

Bray Wyatt catches “wearing wig” in photo Bray Wyatt catches “wearing wig” in photo

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