Brazier board game up with Kickstarter

November 19, 2020 by Polar_Bear

Do you remember going to a restaurant? I will do it. And one of the most enjoyable experiences was going to a brazier restaurant and watching a talented chef cook the food in front of me. Dinner and show. You shouldn’t go to a restaurant right now, but you can live at a price through the game. brazier According to Grail Games. The project is currently published on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Brazier is a game of dexterity, but tactics, timing, and money management all play a role. The Hibachi mixing mechanism makes the game feel fresh. The dash of interaction was agitated by meaningful decisions made each turn. It’s time for the revival of this classic!

The brazier benefits from a fun theme combined with hilarious gameplay. Players need to throw chips on the board and knock on other chips to get unexpected results, but they also need to plan ahead to develop a strategy that can collect the materials they need. There really isn’t such a thing.

Brazier is an energetic and tactile game, fast paced. The rules are easy to explain and easy to learn and play. The unique combination of dexterity and strategy building makes the brazier a perfect game for almost everyone!

The campaign has 11 days left to exceed its funding goals.


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