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In the seventh round of the World Cup qualifying round in South America, the bottom five on the table reached the top five, and nothing was worth mentioning.That was the only change in ranking Peru Climbed up Venezuela It was at the bottom of the table as the top three were the only teams to register for the win.

Brazil has 7 out of 7 wins. Brazil has already scored almost enough points Qatar 2022 before reaching the intermediate stage. Win 1-0 Chile 9 people from the Premier League, Russia Missing, everything caught up with the club vs. country line.

Brazil coach Tight saw this as an opportunity to consider several other options. He is happy with the result, but there are several sources of concern.

The two teams recently met in the Copa America quarterfinals, where Brazil also won with the only goal. That day, Chile frustrated Brazil with a back three and did it again here. Tight specifically chose his side, with a pair of Speedsters on the sides (Gabrieu Barbosa on the right and Vinissius Jr. on the left), hoping to get out of Chile’s defense and cause problems.

Instead, Chile was at the top.They had an extra guy in the middle, and that was normal Arturo Vidal Someone who finds a space to pull the string.Brazilian centre-backs primarily dealt with many of the threats and kept Chile away, and when they were defeated, it was a great effort from the left-back. Alex Sandro It stopped Chile from taking the initiative.

After scoring only two goals in Copa’s last three games, Tight was looking for improvement, so there were few details from Brazil. He wanted his team to be less direct, Lucas Paqueta, Perhaps the midfield organizer had a disappointing night, NeymarIt seemed that the match wasn’t suitable, but the cracks couldn’t be covered with paper.

The only goal was great, but it came from one of the few clear opportunities Brazil has created.Rare forward burst from the back right Danilo Neymar and the substitute Everton Ribeiro were combined to draw the defense. Claudio Bravo Blocking Neymar’s shot, Everton Ribeiro drilled home.

Brazil has returned with points, but is looking for something bigger on Sunday, which will be held on Sunday. Argentina A fresh side to 10 Venezuela from a compelling 3-1 victory.

Under the caretaker Leonardo Gonzalez, Venezuela chose the attacker and tried to cause problems with the pace of the attack, but everything went wrong on the other side.Centre-back Jose Manuel Velázquez was injured early. Adrian Martinez He came in for him and was drawn into a wild tackle before warming up Lionel Messi.. He slipped on the way and lost his leg, the challenge seemed probably worse, but he was sent off and Venezuela became 10 men against the confident Argentine side after the recent Copa America victory. I had to deal with it.

Lionel Scaloni kept the same shape he used in the Copa final against Brazil, with Angel Di Maria wide on the right. Di Maria won them the game, but his inclusion paid a price.pushed Geovaniro Serso Going to the left, I interrupted my wonderful partnership with Messi.this time Marcos Acuña Attacking from the back left, Rosselso was able to push into the infield, and Argentina soon realized that their rhythm was playing a complex triangle.

Rosellso slipped Lautaro Martinez He won the opener just before the half-time, and after the break, the similarly smooth pass movement gave Coreas the goal. Joakin One is for angels.The Venezuelan downtime penalty was a bit of comfort, Jefferson Soterd The moment was milked with a skillfully made “Panenka”.

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Argentina scored three points in the bank early in the game, but came in third. Ecuador I had to wait till the end to destroy the typical elasticity Paraguay In Quito.

Ecuador played seven games without winning, including Copa and two-round qualifying in early June. Gustavo Alfaro seems to have lost some confidence on his part. Worried about the number of goals Ecuador had admitted, he went on a third centre-back-for ambitious enemies who left only one man in the upfield and rarely crossed the midline. Certainly not needed. In addition, the wingback did not fit the side, so pushing the attacking fullback forward would take away acceleration space and make it easier to mark.

For a long time, Ecuador couldn’t be created. An hour later, Alfaro switched to the more customary 4-2-3-1 and the movement began to flow. However, it still took up to 88 minutes to break the deadlock. The left corner was cleared and played by Taker’s Junior Solnoza.Left back Pervis pelvis pelvis Overlapping and sent a delicious cloth to a far post with a centre-back Felix Edul I went home. Striker Michael Estada cut in from the right side, leaving two defenders on the trail to dodge the keeper and still have time to score a second brilliant solo goal.

Earlier in the day, Roger Martinez scored a very similar goal. Columbia Lead to Bolivia.. Fernando Saucedo fired a shot and the host grabbed the equalizer in the second half. David Ospina I barely saw it as it flew past him in the air of the thin mountains of La Paz.

And with Peru on the Pacific coast Uruguay I also drew 1-1. Uruguay will remain in 4th place (the last automatic qualifying slot) and Peru will move one point up from the bottom of the Venezuelan table. But with just five points separating Uruguay and Venezuela, there’s still a lot to play when action resumes in the eighth round on Sunday-Brazil vs. Argentina is a clear highlight.

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Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador win CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador win CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers

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