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99 words to walk hand in hand to wipe out 21 years … 810 professional games, 683 goals, 10 LaLiga titles, 7 Copa del Rey, 4 Champions League crowns and 3 FIFA clubs Not to mention the World Cup.

BarcelonaThursday’s brief statement is undoubtedly Club website headlineLeomessi Not staying at FC Barcelona-arguably the best single club career of any player to date is over.

Source: Messi’s contract with Barcelona
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But just like Messi’s own “Brofax” case In less than 12 months, there’s more than you can see here.

Q: A few weeks ago, everyone reported that Messi and the club had agreed on a new contract. The Spanish media was welcomed today as “Messi Day”. It’s the day when everything becomes official. What’s wrong?

NS: According to Barcelona, ​​for now it is only certain that the club cannot register the contract due to the Spanish League player registration rules, despite having agreed to a new five-year contract with Messi. I won’t go into details, but it’s safe to assume that you’re referring to the LaLiga version of the “salary cap,” which limits spending on wages and player acquisition costs based on the club’s expected revenue and expenses. And Barcelona is in dire financial hardship, with over $ 1 billion in debt, of which $ 800 million is said to be short-term, so Messi’s new deal won’t succeed. That means he’s leaving.

Q: But how did this happen? Certainly they knew that the limits were heading for the summer and Messi’s negotiations …

NS: Yeah, that’s one of the mysteries here.Especially because they spent $ 9.6 million Emerson from Real Betis We also signed three free agents- Memphis Depay from Lyon, When Sergio Aguero When Eric Garcia from Manchester city -And the first two come with a high salary. The obvious question is this: if Messi was your priority (and he was obviously), if it’s going to push you to the upper limit, why are you other of them at wages and Emerson rates? Do you commit about $ 50 million to sign four players? That’s why many speculate that something else is happening.

Q: Etc.?

NS: Some reports suggest that Messi’s contract had last-minute problems with respect to commissions paid, and that he wasn’t completely happy with some of the club’s transfer deals this summer ( Although they signed his companion Argentina Teammate, Aguero). And the club couldn’t blame Messi, so instead blames LaLiga’s rules. There may be some truth to that, but a much more plausible explanation is the tense relationship with LaLiga, a power play between President Joan Laporta of Barca and LaLiga’s boss Javier Tebas. It may be that.

Q: What does that mean?

NS: In a nutshell: Control. Barcelona real Madrid When Juventus, Is one of three clubs that haven’t dropped out of the Super League and are actually Taking legal action to promote their proceedings.. Tebas, as you might expect, is dead set against the Super League because he believes it will upset Liga’s competitiveness. Perhaps more important than that, Tebas signed a deal with private equity firm CVC Capital Partners, with LaLiga about 3.2 billion in exchange for 10% of future earnings and a 10% stake in the newly established commercial. You will receive a cash injection of dollars. Company. Barcelona like Real Madrid (not a coincidence, but Release your own statement Lamenting Thursday’s deal) opposes the CVC deal.

Q: Why don’t they like the deal? Do they not want cash?

NS: They are convinced they are, but they also say that Tebas negotiates an agreement without their knowledge, which hands over the club’s future to retail investors. They may also be dissatisfied with how LaLiga and CVC will redistribute funds in the future. The deal now needs to be approved by the club and Real Madrid and Barcelona may lead the “no” front.

Q: Okay, how does Messi come out?

NS: Simply put, LaLiga as a product would be of low value without Messi. His departure, or even the possibility of his departure, can change public opinion against Tebas and his plans. Barcelona and Real Madrid generate most of LaLiga’s revenue, a significant portion of which has flowed to other clubs. Leaving Messi will not only hurt Barcelona, ​​but also LaLiga. And not only from an image, but also from a commercial point of view. That is another theory that is distraught. However, there are three most valid scenarios.

Q: What is that?

NS: It took months to talk to Messi and his family, so it’s hard to believe that Barcelona doesn’t understand their totals correctly and suddenly realizes they can’t afford him. The structure of the five-year contract they agreed on suggests that they were careful to stay within the limits. In addition, the transfer window is open until September. They can probably move to other players to keep him. It’s not easy, but there are ways to do it, as those who want to transfer from Barca are highly paid and few clubs can afford them. Not to mention the fact that if Messi promised to stay as they suggest, he could lower his wage demands or include more bonuses in his package or whatever. Instead, they are now announcing that they are throwing towels.

Q: What does that suggest?

NS: It’s a strategic move to ghost Tebas. Within the context of CVC or Super League, or more simply, from the perspective of reducing loose salary caps. I feel like I gave up on this without a fight. And I can’t see Barcelona (or Messi) doing that.

Q: Okay, let’s assume you’re wrong. Let’s say it’s really over. Where can he go next?

NS: Normal suspects are upset: Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, maybe Manchester United, Maybe a move to Major League Soccer. However, in reality, Messi became a free agent on July 1st and could have legally signed a pre-contract with anyone from January 1st. And, as the city may have been interested in 12 months ago, in the days of Brofax, the club hasn’t broken the way to his door in the last six months. Why? Many believed he promised to stay in Barcelona. Currently, most clubs have other plans.City is pursuing Harry Kane.. PSG is about to extend Kylian MbappeTransactions before he became a free agent in June next year (and they promised huge salaries to famous free agents such as: Giorginio Wizinal Dam, Genre Iji Don Narma When Sergio Ramos). Signing Messi will be a big job, you’re not just spelling out of nowhere to nearly $ 500 million over the next five years.

Q: So what happens?

NS: I’m purely guessing here. We may know more when Laporta addresses the media on Friday, and by the way, we have not yet been contacted by Messi himself. But basically, at least according to Barca’s statement, there are situations where Messi wants to stay, the club wants to keep him, but even if his departure hurt everyone, the league allows it. I will not. Does it sound right or logical to you? No, it’s not. Because it is not. My guess is that September 1st will come, but he’s still a Barcelona player. Because he rebuilt the contract he had agreed to, Barca recovered part of the transfer fee, or Liga revised the salary cap to accommodate the club. Or a combination of all three.

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Break down the scenario about how this story unfolds Break down the scenario about how this story unfolds

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