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Nick Diaz made a long-awaited return, and a 17-year rematch took over one of the most stacked PPV cards of the year. UFC He is a former welterweight champion Robbie Lawler UFC This Saturday is 266.

Impressive: Both fighters are known for this skill, because Nick is known as a technical boxer who takes time to provide precise punches that deprive his opponent of stamina and health like video games. , A contrast of style. As for Robbie, he’s one of the most feared strikers in the division because he has a nuclear cheat code that can end the fight in a blink of an eye, Robbie also used his kick more in the past. , And could rely on this, he takes on a heavy leadfoot user at Nick.Benefits: Tie

Grappling: Robbie has been working on most of his life, and is known to use this skill when he needs it most, but rarely depends on it.But Diaz is a Gracie Blackbelt who is on his back and is not afraid to use him BJJ Skills as needed.Benefits: Diaz

Cardio: This is a very difficult category to dominate, as both fighters have relentless gas tanks. Robbie showed in the fight that he lost control of his skills, not because he was tired. But I need to give Nick a win here as he has consistently shown throughout his career that nutrition and triathlon preparation have made him the ultimate cardio king.Benefits: Diaz

Nick has resigned for six years after an unjustified suspension from NSAC. There were multiple rumors surrounding his fate when he could be seen returning to MMA, he is associated with multiple battles with the Paul brothers and other famous names, many I thought Stockton’s native had definitely cut his gloves because he hasn’t fought since the controversial no contest with Anderson Silva in 2015.

As for the lobby, he’s unfortunately getting out of the year of seeing him ride four battles to lose streak against some of the best welterweights in the world. However, Robbie seems to have regained his motivation and love for training, as Nick claims to be the perfect companion to push him and train like the old “ruthless”.

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Breakdown of Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler Breakdown of Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler

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