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Phachara Khongwamai won a groundbreaking first Asian Tour victory today with a US $ 1 million Laguna Phuket Championship after a grip finish at Laguna Golf Phuket.

To avoid the sudden death playoffs, he pierced a pressure-filled 12-foot parpat and defeated his compatriots Panuphol Pittayarat, Denwit Boriboonsub, and Korean BioKim alone.

Fachala, who first gained the world’s attention when he won the 14-year-old professional event, has won a total of 10 under par 70 on an even par 70 on a difficult day when the wind speed was reached, and then in his career. Insisted on the biggest tournament. 25-30km per hour.

“I’m very happy with this victory and I’m very excited. I’ve been waiting for about 6 years. Now is my time and I feel very good.” 22-year-old Fachala won the Asian Tour runner-up six times.

“It was pretty hard today because it was a strong wind. I have never blown this wind in Thailand. It was hard today and everything about who can make a score. That last putt Was the last chance of the 18th hole, but I knew there was another chance in the playoffs if I missed it. But when I was in quarantine here, I had that putt from that place. rice field.”

The Thai star won the Asian Development Tour twice in 2015, but in 2013 he won the Shinha Hua Hin Open as a 14-year-old amateur.

The tournament has evolved into a two-horse race over a closed hole between Phachara and play partner Panuphol. The latter led most of the day, but bogey for three consecutive holes from the 13th.

In a crucial two-shot swing, Pachala pulled a level with Panuhol on the 14th of par 5, and Panahol made a birdie with a bogey.

And when Panahol made a par while registering another bogey, Fachala went one step further in the next hole.

The momentum was in favor of Fachala, but when he three-putted 17 after he missed the 7 footer in the par, the drama continued immediately, playing par 4 in 18 and Kim also playing in the group, both. Was drawn by 10. , Go back one.

At the nail-piercing finale, Panupor, whose approach shot landed 15 yards shorter, lacked 15 feet, but missed his attempt. Meanwhile, Kim’s birdie putt from 22 feet also slipped through the hole.

Previously, Phachara had to deal with a difficult 40-foot birdie putt. It passed the cup to set a win on the last roll of the dice.

Only 17 years old, Denwit returned 68, Panuphol 71, Bio a 72.

Bio, like Fachala, is looking for a win for his first Asian Tour, which led after each of the first three days, and started the final round with a one-shot advantage over his two play partners. bottom.

But he got off to the worst possible start with four bogies in the first five holes. He was out of conflict for most of the day until he was given the opportunity to make extra time on the 18th.

“It was another difficult day when I couldn’t find the rhythm, but I still had a chance to get some putts in. I’m proud of the way it hung there,” says Bio. I did.

This tournament was the second and last event in the Asian Tour Phuket series.
The Asian Tour will head next to Singapore, where two end-of-season events for the 2020-21 season are planned.

Score after Round 4 of the Laguna Phuket Championship is played on a par 70, 6770 yards Laguna GP course (AM – means amateur):

270 – Pachalakon Watmai (THA) 66-65-69-70.

271 – Denwit Boriboonsub (THA) 69-68-66-68, Panuphol Pittayarat (THA) 68-64-68-71, Bio Kim (KOR) 62-66-71-72.

272 – Sadom Kaewkanjana (THA) 68-65-72-67, Hongtaek Kim (KOR) 68-70-67-67.

273 – Kim Joe Hyun (KOR) 66-69-69-69, Steve Ryuton (ENG) 66-68-69-70, Natipon Sriton (THA) 68-64-70-71.

274 – Scott Hend (Australia) 71-63-70-70, Ryan Ramsden (SCO) 68-67-68-71, Dodge Kenmer (USA) 70-69-64-71, Prom Mee Sawat (THA) 68-65-69 -72.

275 – Wade Ormsby (AUS) 70-69-68-68, Sihwan Kim (USA) 71-67-69-68, Donlaphatchai Niyomchon (THA) 69-69-67-70, Chanachok Dejpiratanamongkol (THA) 63-67- 72-73.

276 – Witchayapat Sinsrang (THA) 71-66-70-69, Rashid Khan (IND) 69-65-76-66, Berry Henson (USA) 68-72-66-70, Mathiam Keyser (RSA) 69-69- 67-71, Kosuke Hamamoto (THA) 66-67-70-73, Yikeun Chang (KOR) 69-65-68-74.

277 – Danthai Boonma (THA) 71-67-71-68, Travis Smyth (AUS) 63-74-71-69, Shiv Kapur (IND) 67-74-66-70, Bongsub Kim (KOR) 67-72- 68-70, Zach Bauchou (USA) 67-70-69-71, Chang Wei-lun (TPE) 69-68-68-72.

278 – Ratchanon Chantananuwat (am, THA) 68-72-69-69, David Langley (ENG) 71-68-69-70, Ben Campbell (NZL) 70-70-69-69, Suttijet Kooratanapisan (THA) 69- 67-73-69.

279 – Ben Eccles (AUS) 71-66-71-71, Pavit Tangkamolprasert (THA) 69-72-66-72.

280 – Miguel Tabena (PHI) 69-67-72-72, Wallis Mansorn (THA) 67-71-70-72, Jarin Todd (USA) 68-70-70-72, Karin Joshi (IND) 67-71- 72-70, Kasidit Lepkurte (THA) 66-72-69-73, Veer Ahlawat (IND) 66-67-73-74, Nitithorn Thippong (THA) 70-69-73-68, Sungho Lee ( KOR) 69- 72-71-68.

281 – Sattaya Supupramai (THA) 71-70-67-73, Suteepat Prateeptienchai (THA) 70-65-72-74, Ian Snyman (RSA) 70-71-70-70, Trevor Simsby (USA) 68-70- 69-74, Paul Peterson (USA) 69-69-69-74, Atiruj Winaicharoenchai (THA) 68-72-72-69, Bjorn Hellgren (SWE) 71-68-74-68.

282 – S Chikkarangappa (IND) 68-69-72-73, Nirun Sae-Ueng (THA) 69-72-70-71, Settee Prakongvech (THA) 69-70-73-70, Siddikur Rahman (BAN) ) 68- 71-73-70, Yo-seob Seo (KOR) 66-67-73-76, Justin Quiban (PHI) 69-72-71-70.

283 – Andrew Martin (AUS) 69-71-74-69, Pawin Ingkhapradit (THA) 69-72-75-67.

285 – Vanchai Luangnitikul (THA) 66-70-72-77, Chapchai Nirat (THA) 67-72-77-69.

286 – Micah Lauren Shin (USA) 72-67-70-77, Poosit Supupramai (THA) 67-70-73-76, Piya Sawangarunporn (THA) 70-66-74-76, Charng-Tai Sudsom (THA) 68 -72-70-76, Nicholas Fung (MAS) 69-69-74-74, Poom Saksansin (THA) 73-67-73-73.

287 – Gavin Green (MAS) 73-66-76-72.

288 – Sarun Sirithon (THA) 66-74-72-76, Rory Hie (INA) 70-71-71-76, Udayan Mane (IND) 66-75-71-76.

289 – Taehoon Ok (KOR) 68-70-75-76, Galven Green (MAS) 69-72-75-73.

293 – Karandeep Kochhar (IND) 68-72-79-74, Itthipat Buranatanyarat (THA) 71-70-79-73.

296 – Cory Crawford (AUS) 70-71-78-77.

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