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Breath Edge is a survival adventure game with an unquestionably novel setup that traps you in a vast field of cosmic wreckage with only the company’s immortal chicken. Instead of hitting a tree, navigate through a three-dimensional weightless environment to uncover the twisted plot behind the largest spaceliner collision in history, hooking supplies, making tools, and avoiding choking. I will try to. It happened with you. Despite the fresh settings, you only have to taste some basic survival gameplay before the scripted story takes over and is completely kicked out of the survival mechanism. The feeling that another mysterious discovery is imminent is what drives these games … and Breathedge doesn’t.

Breath Edge is desperate to please its jokes, slapstick humor, and goofy concepts like corpse-powered coffin robots. This is a single-player story-driven survival game that artificially references genre metaphors (and other sci-fi games such as Alien: Isolation and Mass Effect), including a gag on shoehorn plot ingenuity. I am aware of that. Extend waiting times, make gameplay obsolete, get quests. Unfortunately, Breathedge is guilty of joking and is full of the most boring and repetitive types of survival game clichés. Even when I’m laughing, it’s not uncommon to be aware of these issues, and humor is no substitute for innovative gameplay.

Breath Edge’s main contribution to survival games is its movement, which is at least different enough to make an early routine a novel. At first, it was fun to putter with microgravity, bounce off things and look behind the asteroid. It’s interesting to steal floating resources from the debris fields that surround you. Many of the ruined spacecraft that make up the world and the environment within it are so well-designed that new ones are hidden nearby or attractive across distances where you still don’t know how to cross. It is located in. The layout of the early survival area was one of Breath Edge’s greatest strengths, and I feel it is both very carefully designed and can be a real place. This is good because you tend to go back and forth between those same parts over and over again.

That’s because everything you do is limited by your air supply. You have to keep an eye on it. Your clock clock peaks in just 10 or 15 minutes, if you devote a lot of inventory space to oxygen replenishment. In general, the time to explore and collect was much shorter before the need to return to the air source … then boringly wait for the air supply to be replenished. This may take 2 minutes. Then I went back and completed a few minutes of work to explore or collect resources (if I was lucky) before I had to refill my oxygen. For games like Subnautica, the idea of ​​limiting the air supply is much more effective. When you’re short on air, you just have to swim straight up, take a break, and then go back to something interesting.

Such killing times are ridiculous and only lengthen the Breath edge.


In addition to boringly waiting for the air to replenish, you have to wait for the craft to finish. To do this, you need to watch the bar fill slowly as it does nothing. You also have to wait for the investigation to finish. The survey runs on a timer of 15 minutes or more and goes down no matter what you do. Such killing times are ridiculous in single-player games where there is no other time pressure. Just lengthen the Breath edge.

Therefore, most of the time is spent waiting for the bar to fill up or collecting resources. The true survival game method is to collect resources, collect more what you need, collect various resources, and build something else to advance the plot. Gathering resources is as easy as moving and hooking floats, pulling new tools out of your inventory (for strange reasons, there are only four quick bar slots), and clicking on static objects. Doing all this in weightlessness starts with something new, but it doesn’t evolve in a way that keeps it interesting, and it lacks even the satisfying sound and animation that accompanies it. There are no terrain transformations, automatic or upgraded gatherers, or factories. In reality, there is no really meaningful foundation building at all. It’s a lot of clicks and handmade and provides essentially the most basic early gameplay of games like Subnautica, Empyrion, ARK and more. There are no significantly more efficient and enjoyable advances that will come later.

Breathedge PC gameplay screenshots

Meanwhile, your oxygen has decreased, and you will need to return to replenish it. Oh, and your frustratingly flimsy tool broke in the middle of doing it. I often carried two copies of all the tools. This is because none of the most basic expeditions can last. Why force the tool to be recreated when the repair system works as well? Want to offer a more durable upgraded version for one or more of the five popular tools? These are issues that many survival games have already solved, but Breathedge ignores them all.

Your reward for success here was to do the same thing again, and I felt punished for doing it well. For example, when building a base, a larger base allows you to spend more time closing oxygen leaks with chewing gum each time you return home. We don’t see any automation or efficiency upgrades, no advanced tools to change the way we play or provide new resources. With the exception of some cosmetics to build, little progress has been made. What you do in the first hour is what you do in the next 15 hours.

This is the worst kind of survival gameplay and makes all the simplest mistakes from past games.


This is the worst kind of survival gameplay and makes all the simplest mistakes in previous games. For example, even if you get faster movements and gear to speed up your exploration or reduce the burden of air supply, the environment will grow accordingly. In addition, a few seconds of speed boosts and stupid spacecraft aren’t very effective at blunting the feeling that you’re not making meaningful progress every time you leave safety.

It’s quite different from most survival games where exploration is an important factor in rewarding curious and daring people. Searching for the wrong way with Breathedge seems to end up with sadness, death, and a reload if you can’t find a new source of oxygen. .. Given that autosave only starts at station entrances and exits, forgetting to use the manual save option is likely to result in significant loss of progress.

And what if you have all the upgrades and you’re finally free to explore? Breathedge completely abandons the concept of oxygen, abandoning all crafted and nonsensical basses built, and completely transitioning from the survival genre to something like an adventure game. That’s right. The last 10 hours of a survival game that took a total of 25 hours is not a survival game. It’s probably good, but it’s even worse to follow, as the survival element of the breath edge can’t rock things beyond the basics.

Instead of discovery, the second half relies entirely on conspiracy to move you forward. However, the plot is simple and linear, and the first two chapters are done in a sandbox survival environment, exploring and building two to six key things. As the story progresses, it moves to other environments and becomes perfectly linear, the sandbox elements disappear completely, it plays like a 3D adventure, and from 2005 a constrained area laid out like FPS Priority will be given. Straight Walk Simulator-Unless you need to return to the craft station because the tool is broken.

More lands will be flattened for every joke that hits.


It’s a shame because I wanted to like Breath Edge. Lots of love is poured into the whimsical yet harsh Soviet retrofuturism of its visual design, and enjoying its eerie stations, propaganda murals, or fictional pop culture is one of the best parts. This is an attempt at a very goofy Russian version of Fallout mixed with Subnautica in space. Like many slapstick death poses, sci-fi parodies, or stupid designs of various ship components and other bits of the world that find other passengers, jokes can land. Are you on a vacuum cleaner like a rocket bike? That’s interesting. You poke and disarm your family’s heirloom, the immortal chicken and the dangerous, but it’s hard to enjoy the absurdity.

But for every joke that hits, even more lands are flattened. The AI ​​in your spacesuit will guide you while constantly equipping, but it will be unpleasantly fast and writing jokes is almost terrible. It speaks so fast that I could barely catch a joke without reading the subtitles, and what I did was often like a standing comedian doing a rolling, observational comedy routine, but as much as he could. The end of a pharmaceutical comedy delivered by a man who reads the legal terms early. There are also some really weak attempts at irreverent and provocative humor, such as taking a jab that feels outdated in transvestites. I would say they might be interesting to someone, but they’re really just … a bad joke.

Insulting an injury, if you die, you can hear all those same lines again throughout the next time. When that joke is a meta-comment that breaks the fourth barrier about making it difficult or boring for game developers to fill the total time of gameplay, it’s not stupidity of reference, but an unpleasant self. It begins to feel like a lack of awareness.


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