Breath of the Wild’s dubious food is the best recipe for Age of Calamity

Cooking is a big part of Breath of the WildBut if you end up with a pixelated plate, it’s usually a sign that you messed up somewhere along the way. Most of the time, I didn’t even want to make “suspicious food” that the game says is very bad, so I can’t even see it. But, Hyrule Warriors: The Age of DisasterThere are very good reasons to make suspicious food.

In fact, my Link diet is now almost suspicious. This is because in this Zelda legendary hack and slash take, eating dubious food can earn you double the rupees per mission. catch? You will have less mind while the terrible food is active. The photo below shows that you need ancient Hailians, the equivalent of frogs and durians, to make dubious food.

Image: Koei Tecmo Games / Nintendo, via polygon

on the other hand Age of calamity Is quite generous with the material. If you want to perform all the side quests on the map or upgrade your weapons and characters completely, you will inevitably need to shatter a bit. However, I have noticed that I cook those options almost every time, as there are foods that help me collect more ingredients and rupees. Fortunately, I’ve added enough hearts to all the protagonists, so I hardly even notice when suspicious food becomes active. But every time we go on a mission, I still get a kick, knowing that my link has to put a plate of trash in my stomach.

It’s a good Easter egg, reminiscent of a suspicious food variety Breath of the Wild.. In that open-world game, dubious food usually only replenishes one mind … unless you happen to meet Mosa, a Hailian cook who specializes in garbage making. If you talk to Mosa, she teaches you to make dubious, rock-hard foods that will satisfy your health much more than their standard variations.So some players may find themselves deliberately making suspicious foods. Breath of the Wild,Also.

To Age of calamity, It all feeds back to my Gremlin-like approach to the game. In addition to giving him the equivalent of an ancient trash can, my link runs around with a Bokoblin stuffed toy mask on his head — and that makes some hilarious cutscenes.

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