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The Tamil maxim says that everyone deposits a certain number of breaths in their account at birth. You can’t increase or decrease, but you can use the remaining balance efficiently to get more profit. Do you know how to get more from your breath? How can I get a higher ROI? Start with your breathing rate per minute.

How do you measure the breath of a breath bank?

Measure your breathing rate per minute in four fixed time slots per day, take 1-2 weeks, and then get your average breathing rate per minute. If the AVERAGE value exceeds 12, breath balance cannot be used efficiently. If you are over 18 years old, you have hyperventilation.

Hyperventilation depletes your body of CO2. An interesting fact is that Co2 is important for oxygen absorption in the cell in order to burn the fuel effectively. In the case of hyperventilation, CO2 is out of balance, and even if the oxygen saturation in the blood is 97%, oxygen is not effectively used for burning fuel and floats.

Therefore, in order to use oxygen effectively, the body’s CO2 needs to be balanced. The opposite is also true, as is hyperventilation under stress. When you overbreath, the body assumes you are under stress. You are chronically stressed and are not burning fuel effectively … all due to the simple problem of improper breathing.

Keep in mind that slow breathing keeps the body in good balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen, and both are needed for the body to function efficiently.

“Mind is the king of the senses and Breath is the king of the mind,” says BKS Iyengar, a well-known yoga guru. James Nester says the ideal breathing is 5.5 seconds for inhalation and 5.5 seconds for exhalation. So this is 11 seconds, and the average respiration rate is 5.5 seconds per minute.

Most religious prayers / choirs / choirs are designed to breathe at speeds of about 5.5 to 6 per minute. Such prayers, of course, have magical healing powers.

You can practice breathing slowly and privately anytime, anywhere. Be aware of how you breathe! In fact, taking a five-minute break between all activities, meetings, and zoom calls and consciously practicing slow, deep abdominal breathing can be amazing in terms of productivity.

“If you want to live, follow Oriental medicine (yoga, Ayurveda). If you don’t want to die, follow Western medicine.” – Trainer Bryan MacKenzie

This subject is still developing, research is still undertaken under Western medicine, and has been practiced by our yogis in India for thousands of years.

Western breathing experts such as Dr. Buchenko, James Nester and Anders Olsson have documented the benefits of slow rhythmic breathing. In fact, Dr. Buchenko observes that 80% of the population is chronically hyperventilated!

Breathing is the only tool available for humans to connect (and influence) the autonomic nervous system and thus affect the mind. Awareness and understanding can make your breathing more efficient and have a positive effect on your psyche. Breathing is the most powerful tool that humans have. It’s attractive. But it’s simple. I now breathe on average about 8 times per minute, personally benefiting significantly from an overall energy perspective throughout the day, feeling good and less stressful.

Practice to achieve slow breathing

  • Be aware of breathing
  • Pranayama Practice – Kaparbati, Ujai, Pursed Pain Breathing, Bastrika
  • Breathing using the abdomen rather than the chest
  • Tummo (Tibetan technique) or Wim Hof ​​method

I’m putting a customary warning for readers that this isn’t medical advice, you should Talk to your doctor.. And unfortunately, the Western medical system states that less than 10 breaths per minute is ill and needs to be cured.

If you need more information, medical and scientific evidence, read more at the following URL:

Read more books / podcasts by James Nester, Bryan MacKenzie, Langan Chatterjee, Anders Olsson

We hope this article will help you improve the balance of your breath bank.Check out for more information on breathing Healthy reading.. To get breathing exercises from your GOQii coach, sign up for personalized coaching here.

Right breathing & #BeTheForce

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