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MMA Legend Chael Sonnen He was given five separate battery quotes on December 19th after he was involved in a brawl at a luxury hotel in Las Vegas.

The “American Gangster” was not arrested, but was removed from the hotel’s property. Sonnen hasn’t made a statement since the incident, but Brendan Schaub has provided details of the encounter that sheds new light on the situation.

“There is news that Chael Sonnen was arrested at a hotel in Las Vegas quoted on battery,” Shaub said.Under the belt“Podcast. “I talked to Cheer and asked him if he needed any bail, etc. I love Cheer.”

“This is what happened. Cheer was clearly working and he was with his wife, who is a saint and also loves dimes. And with his girl. The drunken man with him kept commenting in front of him about his wife, her boobs, and her ass, “Schaub explained.

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“Play stupid games and win stupid prizes. One of the toughest guys on the planet, and arguably one of the toughest players ever in the UFC and Bellator. And you’re one of the toughest players ever. I’m doing it in front of his face. It will have an impact. “

Schaub showed that Cheer’s situation was different from what he originally looked like, and Sonen was justified in his actions.

“People who don’t do it for girls, women, you have a girlfriend,” Shaub said. “I think that Chael doing this will only add to the legend of Chael Sonnen. He was protecting the girl.”

From Shaub’s point of view, the individual from whom the case began deserves what he has gained.

“And for that stupid ass completely annihilated by the great Chael Sonnen, you deserve it. And that’s what you get. You pay a stupid game where you win stupid awards. increase.

“This isn’t the case when Chael hit his wife like John (Jon Jones), but I think they withdrew the charges. This was Chael Sonnen’s high and destroyed Bentley with a stripper in the car. It’s not the case, it’s not the case of chael or domestic violence in any way, “says Shaub.

“I think everyone should make their own decisions to know the details,” Shaub said. “He’s in Las Vegas. He’s walking in his room. A drunken man and his girl start talking shit to his girl. A man starts talking to his girl and her appearance, and especially her And you keep commenting on the boobs. And you’re dealing with a guy from Cheer Sonnen. He happens to be one of the best fighters in the octagon. He’s stuck for his girl. Defeated the man’s shit. That’s all there is. ”

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Brendan Schaub provides details on the beatdown of Chael Sonnen’s Las Vegas hotels Brendan Schaub provides details on the beatdown of Chael Sonnen’s Las Vegas hotels

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