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With Daniel Bryan Talking Smack Perfect together. It will never be the same as his epic, Sponsored by Tout 2016-2017 was run on the show with Renee Young and the appearance of the DB on the restarted show was pretty nice.

His recent visit smack down That was all after the show.Brian continued the work he started when he was Talking Smack With guests in December, we continue to interview Friday night and prepare for the “last run” from tomorrow’s Royal Rumble to the main event. Wrestlemania 37.. Here he did it by contrasting his love for professional wrestling in its purest form with the more business mercenary approach to the Roman Reigns square circle on the Universal Championship.

“There are a few things you made a mistake. It’s about motivation and what drives me. I’m not interested in glory. Despite all the hymns, I’m interested in fan praise. Do you know what I loved? I loved when we were in the performance center and wrestling in front of the noiseless zero people. People loved me Do you know why? Not sure if you remember the 2015 Royal Rumble? Not sure if you remember it? I lost immediately. That’s what Roman Reigns won. It was in Philadelphia. I was probably in the ring for 5 minutes. A total of 5 minutes at that Royal Rumble, but when Roman Reigns won, everyone booed. Rock blessed him. Locke said, “Oh, you’re a man,” Locke covered Rome, and people booed.

“I have a theory about why it is, and that’s it. I think you’re right, Roman Reigns may be the best right now. He’s a completely different level than anyone else. He’s playing in, but he’s not working with all his heart. It’s the façade and it’s always been. When he made his debut at this company, he wore a vest, bulletproof vest, so you I couldn’t see his heart. There is a theory that this happens every night, why they connected with me, I put my heart there. It happened at SmackDown. Paul, I Has been wrestling for 21 years. You were there for 30 minutes and 45 minutes, many people who have been involved in this business as long as I am will ride an apron. I absolutely Enter there with the chance to fight the disliked The Mizu, and there is no place in the world where I would rather be, so the big difference is not who is the best, who wants glory, but who goes there It means fighting with all my heart. “

But that’s not all!We also got some of the weird Brian-you know, guy Fight with a bear And always had Sexual double entender Ready for old Lenny Talking Smack.. Here, my man revealed that his hip and buttock-focused training with Chazgable & Otis at the Alpha Academy can “throw away so many guys” at Rumble, and … yes.

Not only does Gable & Otis act as a comic foil, Daniel can serve the Team Hell side of his personality. It also acts as a backup for a man sitting at a Reigns table.You are ready for Usos vs Roman on the road to Alpha Academy vs DB Wrestlemania 37??

See Brian’s almost perfect look on January 30th Talking Smack Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below

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Brian doubts Roman’s mind, becomes strange and sets up Rumble’s victory perfectly Brian doubts Roman’s mind, becomes strange and sets up Rumble’s victory perfectly

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