Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead PS4 Review

Bridge Constructor and The Walking Dead aren’t the combination I imagined, but as long as you forget about The Walking Dead, its world, and its character, it’s amazingly good. Gameplay is a typical bridge constructor issue, but now with a twist of helping survivors move from A to B, the level is dotted with a few pedestrians. doing.

I’ve been playing Bridge Constructor games for years, mostly on mobile phones and most for free. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is familiar, except that the game takes place in the world of The Walking Dead. There are a few characters on the show, but unfortunately there is no “curl” because there is no Rick Grimes. Somehow I had to put it here.

The question I asked while playing an increasingly difficult level was “Who is this game for?” I settled on the conclusion that it wasn’t for fans of The Walking Dead, but for fans of previous Bridge Constructor games.

There’s a story about a character’s lines being told in a badly written static cutscene, but I didn’t care a bit about it. The lack of voice actors essentially ruined the conversation. Much of what comes out of Eugene’s mouth is really interesting only when it really comes out of his mouth. The words on the screen can never replace the nasty charisma of a nerd wearing my favorite mullet. Similarly, Darryl’s interaction is weakened, and even if Norman Reedus hides behind the mic, it sounds like Norman Reedus, not Daryl Dixon, Baderswalker Killer, Tracker, or Hero.

So if you’re expecting Bridge Constructor to tell a story that fits your TV show, you’ll be disappointed. But if you’re here just for gameplay that makes fun of your brain, you’ll be happy. This is an evolution from the previous game and there are also some new additions. We’ll start with a simple structure and show you how to move your character to perform actions. This is a great addition and adds additional layers, but it should have been a bit tedious and honestly done without character actions, or at least a little more simplistic. They’re pretty simple, but using the cross keys side by side with actions often meant switching characters when I didn’t want to. It’s annoying, but it’s feasible.

Core gameplay is building elaborate bridges and traps, where the game does business. If you’ve played the Bridge Constructor game before, you’ll have hours of trial and error, screaming into the cushions and jumping with joy in the living room before the final step. .. Succeed in keeping your nasty bridge together long enough to cross your people. It’s a simple but very effective brain food that nourishes a happy place in your brain.

Still, I’m not sure this team-up of Bridge Constructor and The Walking Dead is the right move for either series. I hope this is a one-time transaction. To be honest, how often did you see someone bridge in The Walking Dead, except in Season 9? It’s ridiculous and doesn’t really match the show or cartoon, but if you can interrupt the distrust for a few hours and adjust the terribly cheap cutscenes, a very good puzzle game remains.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead PS4 Review

  • Overall-very good- 7/10



Unfortunately, Bridge Constructor and The Walking Dead aren’t the best combination in the game, but they’re still a decent puzzle game.


  • A puzzle gameplay that builds a prestigious bridge
  • The introduction of traps feels good
  • The remix of The Walking Dead theme song is really cool


  • This could have been a bridge constructor. People need to cross the bridge to avoid zombies. The Walking Dead wasn’t needed to sell more advanced bridge construction gameplay ideas.
  • The writing style is terrible

Review Disclaimer: This review was performed using a copy of the game provided by the publisher. Read the review policy for more information.

I reviewed it using PS4 Pro.

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Review: Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead – PS4

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