Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Review

If you build it they come.

Did you use that line the last time you reviewed it? Bridge constructor game? I don’t think I did.So hey, this is my second time in one of these games, and one of the really interesting things it means is that we can put some additions environment To what we are seeing. I think contrast and comparison will be the names of today’s games.

Dead rise

So what are you dealing with today?You can almost put that colon Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead I have to talk a little about both, so I’ll put them in the dividing line. Fair warning, I have never seen an episode, walking Dead Before this review, but … that is … the title is pretty trivial. Some people are dead. They are walking

Oh yeah, it’s one of those! With pedestrians, as the franchise calls them! you know what I mean. You know wwwww. Elbows, elbows, nudge nudge. It’s a classic horrifying giant apocalypse scenario where people crawl and clean to survive in the cruel and ruthless wilderness, but the only way to survive is the same. An old story.

Is Bridge constructor Half, the first premise of the franchise is just as simple: some things are here, it wants to be there, build a bridge to get them there. A simple, solid little physics puzzle with interesting wrinkles enough to prevent dullness.

I think it’s actually these licensed games that make this even more interesting. Like any good license variant, Bridge constructor The game changes the overall mood based on the new Patronage franchise mechanics and settings.We first saw this BC: Portal, They used the teleportation hall that bears its name to create a bridge puzzle that completely ridicules physics with all the stuffy sensibilities.

So what do you do BC: The Walking Dead Is it something special? … that is, it’s exactly there.

Walking and running

Yeah, it has pedestrians.This simple thing very Interesting to solve, as the mission involves not only moving the adorable living character from point A to point B, but also preventing pedestrians from eating in the process or even after arriving there. There is a series of problems.

This means a lot.Sometimes that means you just have to build a good bridge Sufficient.. I absolutely won the mission by deliberately building a silly bridge that could support one or two humans, but collapsed under the weight of the dozens of pedestrians behind. ..

Oh, when it comes to humans, it’s a different mix! These are not only common NPCs in cars, but also certain people, and sometimes even on foot! And that means they have the equipment and abilities!You have a hero character who can defeat a couple of pedestrians on their way, you have a technician who can move machines and plant decoys … and this is all it Means BC: TWD Not only are missions quickly complicated to execute Conceptually..

Instead of simply “moving humans from A to B”, they soon “moving humans from A, B, C to D while blocking pedestrian hordes X and Y”, two different It turns into a puzzle. Before and after physics, and preparatory instructions to ensure that everything is done at the right time. It’s like trying to make a Rube Goldberg machine with white glue and popsicle sticks.

The good news is that it’s all really fun time.As you solve, the mission will be a multi-layer puzzle box Next step From where you are standing.Well, you got this guy here, But now you need him ThereSo how do you build a bridge after things start … and little by little, the plans come together.

Deep hunger

The bad news is Lots Although you have to understand in a short period of time. It’s not the fault of itself … well, Bridge constructor The franchise was built on what it used to be, and now it’s packed with a significant number of layers of mechanics and complexity. The game does its best to introduce the mechanics one at a time, Lots..

Despite the casual-looking presentation of the game, this is what you really need to sit down and chew from time to time. There are still missions where we couldn’t completely find the idealized, intended, Gold Star solution and just had to go our own way.

Well, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth going through those learning curves. This is a very solid little combination of physics and programmatic puzzles and I’m back to understand them. I had a really good time with this.But I have to admit that it needs you to swim deep in the pool Really fast, Especially if you are new to playing any of these.

There is also a presentation itself, but there are some restrictions. The graphics have great appeal, but they are definitely in the space between “low poly aesthetics” and just the basics.And the audio side of things Pretty Basics; Physics puzzles don’t require great soundwork, but it’s certainly great.

There were also some small bugs. In most cases, the elements of the tutorial did not admit that they did what they asked for. It’s a small thing, but having them in the first place was definitely more unpleasant than if it happened after I went deep.

Water under the bridge

Ultimately, the real question in my mind comes down to this: how the game Is that what you are trying to do? Get rid of all the questions about how good the X or Y element is compared to different genres, and get rid of the licensing question.Just like the game Bridge constructor The franchise aims to do some interesting physics puzzles around the bridge, does this work?

definitely. It’s not perfect, but in terms of doing what you want to do Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead A strong hit. Once you really understand all the mechanisms, there are all sorts of really interesting problems that you can try to solve in these different ways. It’s a rich, layered experience in the space, without knowing anything about the license that inspired it.

I had a good time here. And I think you do too.

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