Bridgerton Review: Shodaland has created the ultimate Austin romance riff

Jane Austen’s 19th-century prose has become synonymous with regency romance through the subtle art of eroticism. Bridgerton, From Shonda Rhimes Shonda Land, Studio Behind Grey’s AnatomyAlso, it has a longing gaze and a soft hand-held fair share.The difference is that Unbelievably Horny. Based on the modern book of the same name by author Julia Quinn, the Netflix series draws from the metaphor of a classic novel (hands bend! Dance!) With a cheeky turn from the current genre of romance.

Bridgerton Creator Chris Van Dusen knows the truth clearly. The romance metaphor is good. Romance novels are good! And great romance novels know the charm of body ripper. Bridgerton You can enjoy the metaphor of romance and skillfully pull them all off in a sizzling, satisfying way.

[Ed. note: This review contains slight spoilers for Bridgerton]

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Bridgerton When his eldest daughter, Daphne (Phoebe Dynever), entered the London season, a large family of the same name followed and decided to play a good match. The colorful characters of the advanced society include the smoldering but distant Duke of Hastings (Regé-JeanPage). Bridgerton’s oldest brother, Anthony (Jonathan Bailey), keeps the opera singer’s mistress secret from his family. My sister Eloise (Claudia Jesse) hates the idea of ​​having to bend down to get married. A moody Featherington family who lacks the elegance of Bridgertons, but has a Polly Walker who is smart enough to make up for it. Miss Marina Thompson (Ruby Barker), a farm girl rushes into the big city. Big cities, if they don’t get married well, must risk revealing big secrets. And seeing it all, the mysterious Lady Whistledown (spoken by the one and only Julie Andrews), the author of a popular gossip pamphlet whose words can affect someone’s reputation. Lady Whistledown is a gossip girl in Regency London, and her nimble voice with scandalous narration reveals a crowd of characters after each issue.

The show juggles many different characters as they navigate the dynamic players of London’s High Society, but the strong couple at the heart of it continues to support it. Daphne and Simon, Duke of Hastings, are not the main couple who immediately close their eyes and begin to faint, although electricity is there from the beginning. Even if they get together, the romance will be even more delicious.

Each time an episode is constructed into a classic romance metaphor, it introduces another as a twist.Daphne and Simon appear to be trapped in a tense battle between Wit, rivals and lovers in honor of Elizabeth and Darcy. pride and Prejudice, But that’s just the first episode. They get something from each other, turn the metaphor into a fake date riff, and find that they have something to go into a forged relationship. It only rises from there: an overlooked gaze across a crowded room, jealous pinning, and a brace to crave a scandalous kiss in the garden!

Regis Gene Page as Duke of Hastings

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Dy Never and Page’s Intense Chemistry Maintains A Cheeky Drama Bridgerton From the feeling of being forced. Their character relationships grow from acquaintances to trusted friends, so by the time inevitable romance is considered (and this drags it out for the last and last confession of love in the penultimate moment. It’s not a show) I can believe it. Daphne and Duke’s romance doesn’t end with a confession of love in the rain, a victorious kiss, or a wedding. In fact, a significant portion of the show is looking at what happens after marriage. Most regency romance novels gradually diminish after the vow, Bridgerton Dive into life after marriage and the complications that occur.

VanDusen talks about the challenges and hardships of 19th-century marriage throughout the show. The idea of ​​a good match, as any Jane Austen fan knows, Bridgerton It really emphasizes how much this was needed in the early 1800s. All single female characters take different approaches to marriage. Daphne wants a love match, but her sister Eloise wants to know why she can’t make something herself without her husband. Marina, a poor country girl, needs to get married well so that her secrets aren’t revealed. But opera singer Siena (Sabrina Bartlett) and tailor Madame Delacroix (Catherine Dryesdale) help women in the world’s working class not need marriage restrictions. .. Married characters also offer different views on their lives after the vow, expanding the range of still in love after all these years, to pairing that has ruined both parties forever. Spread it out. It sets a single character stake. They know that you need to play this game carefully to ensure love, security, or other ultimate goals.

Bridgerton It provides a subtle view of marriage in a regency society without sacrificing romance. It’s a spicy broom full of stolen kisses and sweeping ball gowns, understanding the charm of worn-out metaphors and synthesizing them in a way that rarely gets messy just by escalating. Bibara romance genre! Bridgerton It shows the magic that can occur when those metaphors are played correctly.

All 8 episodes of Bridgerton First released on Netflix on December 25th.

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